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I Made This For You

I did not intend to take such a long break from blogging, but this past week has really knocked me for a loop. So I am VERY happy that I happened to be in the car this morning and was able to hear Chris Thile’s new song he wrote in response to this past week… Continue Reading

Further Thoughts on Yes, No and Raising Children

Further Thoughts on Yes, No and Raising Children

The guest post that Tara wrote yesterday on the “the beauty of no, the softness of yes” was speaking to our ability as artists to figure out how to focus. But a comment from Elizabeth Howard, author of the well written and extremely thoughtful blog “Letters from a Small State” got me thinking down a… Continue Reading

Musings On the Power of Doing it Yourself

Hello There! What did YOU do this weekend? I spent Saturday getting incredible sore, and Sunday recuperating. The whole family went over to help my good friend Liz lay down hardwood floor in their big bonus room above the garage (~450 square feet). She’s blogged about the entire project here, here, here, and here. Obviously,… Continue Reading


As I was skimming my google reader this morning (shh…during a faculty meeting, school’s out but we’ve got some planning to do) I came across this image/quote in Jessica’s blog Vol. 25. I think I need to listen to it! I have a huge amount of plans for this summer, this includes much more computer… Continue Reading

A Thread Confession

Well, I jinxed myself, but in a good way. Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to be able to finish making the 22 journals I was in the process of making in time for the show I’m doing tomorrow, so I was going to cut myself some slack. But that may just have changed –… Continue Reading

Searching for Balance

Today I started back teaching for the Spring Semester. I really spent a lot of my vacation really pushing through lots of stuff, art wise and business. What I didn’t do is take any down time. Although I do love to make, and view it as relaxing, I think I overdid it a bit. I… Continue Reading

Is My Christmas Tree Me?

Hello There! I’m digging my way through the huge amount of stuff I’ve got to do, and yesterday we finally got to put up our Christmas tree. Later that evening I read a thought provoking post by Maria Killam over on her blog “Colour me Happy“. She talks about being a prosfessional decorator and her… Continue Reading