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Something New: Rayon Wrap Skirts for All!

Well, not for all…but I’ve been dying some rayon wrap skirt blanks with my scarf palettes. I originally dyed one this summer at Angie’s request, and I really liked the results. I’ve got a bunch of shows coming up, and I always like to have something new for them, so I thought I’d try to sell these:… Continue Reading

An Earth & Sky Dyed Rayon Skirt

An Earth & Sky Dyed Rayon Skirt

I had a request to dye a wraparound skirt with my Earth & Sky palette from Angie. I’ve never dyed a wrap around skirt, and she wanted it to be relatively subtle…this was a tough one. I don’t like when things get too subtle, it’s the luscious nooks & crannies of color that I crave… Continue Reading

One Moment: Vacation is Coming!

As I’ve been working this week, on custom bag 1, custom bag 2 and one more that’s 75% done, I’ve noticed that I’m easily distracted. I admitted that it was possible that even I needed our upcoming vacation. I’d purchased a bunch of clothing blanks months ago in hopes of prettifying my wardrobe, and I… Continue Reading