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Selling Art

Tonight I sold a piece of art I was still attached to: Yup, I sold “Home is Where the Art is: #3, Cabot Trail”. A friend of mine is going to give it to some friends of hers for their wedding present. I’m happy that she wanted to buy this, and I’m sure her friends… Continue Reading

6 weeks and counting

So, I’ve got some shows coming up. The 1st is 6 weeks away, so I need to focus. Part of me is really inspired to make a lot of art right now, the pragmatic part of me knows I’ve got to make things that will sell, so I could possibly be in the black (supply… Continue Reading

Opinions needed

So, I’ve just listed 3 messenger bags in my etsy shop. All my previous listings I’ve had one item/listing. This time I show all 3 messenger bags in one listing, with a front view picture of each individual bag and then using a single collage to illustrate all the details of the bags like this:… Continue Reading

Are People Buying?

Yes, Virginia, they are….but, in my vast experience 😉 selling my work (a total of 7 shows now, the 1st one in Spring of 2007), they are buying smaller, less expensive items. The show I did on Sunday was the 2nd I’ve done since the doom & gloom economy forecasts of this Fall. In both… Continue Reading