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More Process Photos

I’ve been building a set of Mod House ornaments in my new “Pine Forest” palette. I was hoping to have one finished by the end of the week to show you…but I don’t work that way. I prefer to work on all 6 at once, each wee house side being it’s own study in composition,… Continue Reading

Mod House Ornament Wrapup

Mod House Ornament Wrapup

I’ve been showing you the new mod house ornaments I made for Quilting Arts Gifts, the article/pattern comes out next Fall. Each individual house is featured in its own post: Shed Roof (aka Sled Roof, thanks Aimee!) House d’Incredibles Slanted Roof Tall Gable Flat Roof Short Gable But (IMHO) these are best shown as a… Continue Reading

Welcome to my neighborhood: day 5

Today is my last day of school! My students give their presentations, and (the theory is) I’ll grade those, get final grades calculated and posted and then I’m done! (Well, except for graduation on Saturday…) I fell asleep at 9:30 last night, I must be tired! Anyway, I’m having fun sharing my wee little houses… Continue Reading