Dye Studio

Dye Studio

We moved to Southern California 8 years ago – the land of no basements. But I do have a backyard patio, so I dye outside. The plus side to living in SoCal is that there are very few days when I can’t dye outside. The minus side is that in the summer (which spans May-October) I have to dye first thing in the morning, it’s just too darn hot by noon (although adding shade cloth to our patio pergola helped some).

Lucky gal that I am, my husband built a cabinet for an enameled sink/drainboard we purchased at a plumbing supply auction. He plumbed it using the cold water supply from the hosebib on the outside of our house, and ran the waste into the kitchen sink waste. Here’s a picture of the studio when the Jasmine is in bloom (it smells heavenly!)

Another benefit to living in SoCal is we have a swimming pool, it’s right next to where I dye so I can keep an eye on the kids when they’re swimming, and I often dye in my bathing suit and have a quick dip when it’s hot!

I’ve started teaching small dyeing classes right here, because it’s a wonderful place to be!

And at the end of the day, my dye studio turns back into a patio where I can sit and have a friendly drink or a relaxing dinner with my family.