Meetup | December Goals

Meetup | December Goals

Although it’s hard to bring my focus back around to making and getting ready for my open studio next weekend, I must do this! Between a commission for a jester stocking, the hacking of my websites, and all the Thanksgiving stuff, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to this month!

November Goals

Launch Online Shop November 2  100%
Dyeing 104 sessions 7 November 9 100%
Dyeing 104 session 8 November 30 0%
 More Indigo Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 Birdie Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 4 Indigo Pillows  November 6  100%
 Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes  November 24  0%
Teach Advanced FMQ at RSC  November 30  100%
Make and ship Stocking  November 30  100%
Advertising for Open Studio Dec 12  33%
Recover from hacking  November 30  95%
Move website to new hosting  December 12  0%
 calendar email to students  November 30  100%
Re-stock scarves  December 12 40%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

I did however get to teach a fabulous Advanced Free Motion Quilting class! It was a small class, all of them had taken my first FMQ class, so we were able to get right to stitching. I teach them lots of new patterns, we all work on modifying patterns to create new ones, and I also show them how to Quilt As You Go with no sashing. Although the last night I only had 3 people (it was the Monday after Thanksgiving), the three that did come were ROCK STARS!!!!  Look at all this quilting they got done:






Look at those smiles! They are all most justifiably so proud of their work!!!! 🙂 Mission accomplished!

Now, here is December, with the holidays roaring towards me! This year not only will I have the general pre-Christmas rush, we’ll have my Mom, Step-Dad, and Liam’s girlfriend Celia visiting us for several days around New Year’s Eve, so this holiday will not be a vacation. It will be fun, and busy, but not a vacation, which hubby and I equate with some down time. We haven’t had that in a long time, and it’s starting to show, who am I kidding, we’ve been suffering from lack of downtime since taking Liam to Nashville in August!

December Goals

Advertising for Open Studio December 12  33%
 Make ornaments for Open studio  December 12  0%
 Decorate house!  December 12  0%
 Open Studio!!!  December 12 & 13  0%
Curtains for Lucy December 31 0%
Dyeing 104 session 8 December 31 0%
 Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes December 31  0%
 calendar email to students December 31  0%
Recover from hacking December 31  95%
Move website to new hosting  December 12  0%
Re-stock scarves  December 12 40%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

The only Christmas present making I’m even going to try to accomplish this year is perhaps a rabbit and squirrel for my niece’s little girl (using a lovely Ann Wood pattern) Teigan. But if I end up having to buy something for her, it won’t be the end of the world! I’m also going to try to enjoy the season!!!!!


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