Show Report | Art for Heaven’s Sake 2015

Show Report | Art for Heaven’s Sake 2015

Another Art for Heaven’s Sake is in the books! If you remember, last week I did a lot of last minute making; that continued on through Thursday night, when I made a bunch of zip wallets with some indigo bits. I started making 9, but then this happened about 11:30 PM


So I ended up making 8!



Although rain was predicted for Friday, it actually rained Thursday and early Friday morning, then cleared up – Phew! Here’s what the booth looked like right before I headed home to shower and change for the opening receiption:











Friday night is a big receiption from 7-10, with roaming appetizers and lots of people peering into all the booths. I’ve got some great lighting that makes my booth quite bright:


The next day started quite slow, but picked up a lot around lunch time into the afternoon. So much so that I didn’t get to the second half of my sandwich for a couple hours, and by the time I did…ANTS had found it! Gah!


One thing that was very popular were the Zip and go bags… so popular that I sold 3 of the 4 by the end of Saturday. So, you know what I did, right? I had fabric dyed for 3 more bags, so I made 3 more Saturday night and Sunday morning!


Scarily, while I was stitching on these Sunday morning, it absolutely POURED rain for about 15 minutes, but then thankfully cleared up!

I did a bit of re-organization after opening up the booth on Sunday:


Yep, it was quite humid, my hair was frizzy!




I brought some yarn to style one of the buckets, a lot of the folks walking through didn’t quite understand what to do with them:


Here’s one of my awesome repeat customers who snagged one of the zip and gos early Saturday, it’s already in action on Sunday when she walks around the show with her son:


Phew! Glad that’s over! Both the setup and take down went pretty perfectly, hubby had the whole afternoon off, we’ve got this down to a science! It’s taken me a couple days to recover; I had a lot of grading to get caught up on, and I’m pretty much totally exhausted! Hopefully I get my mojo back by the weekend, I’ve got to finish up the next session of Dyeing 104, and I’ve got to keep making!

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