Mother Earth Chemistry | School is OUT!!!!!

Mother Earth Chemistry | School is OUT!!!!!

Hip Hip Hoooray!!!! I taught my last class at the U of R until next Fall!

This class I teach in May term called Mother Earth Chemistry is an intense investigation into the “Science of Self Reliance”. We meet for 4 hours every day of the week and learn by DOING! The highlights are always beer brewing, cheese making and dyeing! Here they are analyzing the beer they brewed, this year the experiment was adding different species of hops:


For the final exam, everyone cooks something that involves a food preservation in some way and they give a presentation on that food preservation methods as well as 2 pieces of clothing that they dye:










As soon as I grade some lab reports that were due this morning (ahem!) I’ll be in summer vacation mode!!!!! We had a great time, and now the majority of these folks are off to the REAL WORLD!!!!!


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  1. Fabulous class! I’ve passed a link on to a friend here who is a Chemistry professor. Among the great dyed shirts, I particularly like the one that is half yellow, half gray, split on the diagonal. I will be trying this!