One Moment | Christmas 2013

One Moment | Christmas 2013

Before the holidays are a distant memory, I wanted to share some fun moments from Christmas!

The boys still wait at the top of the stairs while I take their picture:


Logan looked adorable when he wore the Santa hat:



Stirling was SUPER excited!!!




Andrew had NO idea what was in these packages: 😉


(clamps…you can never have too many clamps!!!!!)

Logan finally has a iPod touch, he was quite happy with it:


He also got a WHOLE lotta Dr. Who stuff!!! He’s a big fan!


There was the occasional brotherly hug:




Liam got a theramin kit – he’s wanted one of these for a couple of years now.


Awesome headphones got a big thumbs up from him:


He really REALLY wanted a taller music stand so he could practice standing up really straight, yes he REALLY is a music geek!!!


He was thrilled to find out we’d gotten him an awesome case for his trombone that actually fits in the overhead bins of most airplanes:


Andrew finally relented and let me get him his own iPad:


And he made me a lovely jewelry box that will hold lots of earrings, which is what most of my jewelry is:


I got a fun pic on Instagram of all my nieces (and a silly nephew) wearing the infinity scarves I dyed them:


And I was able to see a video of my Mom and Step-Dad open their present. Their washer & dryer have been broken for awhile, so my brothers and step-siblings all chipped in for a new set, complete with install and haul away. It was hilarious because one of my brothers had just wrapped up the washing machine hose and my Mom was confused and thought it was hose for the garden. I’m glad I got to see this hilariousness! It was a great day, ending with a great meal cooked by the hubby. And Stirling? He was EXHAUSETED!!!!


I’m a bit in shock that next year will be the last year my boys will both be living in the house full time! Although I know Liam will be home for the holidays for years yet, soon enough it will be when he’s only on vacation from college – ack! How do they grow up so fast???

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