Our Kitchen Reno | Headed to the End

Our Kitchen Reno | Headed to the End

We’re getting to the end, hooray!

Hubby got the dividers for the island drawer made, it holds a tremendous amount of stuff!



Then he got started demoing the bottom half of the wet bar! He put upper cabinets in at the very beginning of the reno, and now we’re going to cut down the old wood counter of the old island and use that here, and instead of more cabinets, I’ll hang a curtain below the counter and cover 2 huge shelves that will hold all the big, bulky stuff we barely use.




It is really hard to take pix in here, it’s so tight!




Yes, it’s got plumbing connections, but for now we’re going to keep the wet bar dry, as having this extra counter for wine storage and staging during big parties is probably more useful than a tiny little sink!



I also did some dyeing. Here are the single colors I’ve pulled that I’m using,


I thought I’d see how they play together on a multicolor piece of fabric!


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