Zip Bags in my new Spring Greens Palette

Zip Bags in my new Spring Greens Palette

Well, I’m sewing and ironing like mad for my show this weekend, but I still found time to take some pictures. I’ve made a set of zip bags like I made for my friend Liz the other week out of linen dyed in my new Spring Greens palette, sharing some process shots along the way.




I love how the zippers on the ends look:


Although it may seem counterproductive to stop and take pictures when you’re rushing for a deadline, I still like to do it for 2 reasons: 1) I really like to have a visual reminder of what I make, I use pix of past things to inspire to make others in the future, and 2) I need to enjoy the process, or it isn’t worth doing – taking pix and blogging are part of my process, so I like to do it! 🙂






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