Famous Last Words!

Famous Last Words!

I totally jinxed myself! Earlier this week I wrote that maybe this would be the year that it didn’t take a week for me to recover from vacation! HAH! I’ve got a nasty head cold and I spent Tuesday through Thursday in a POGIL  workshop, desperately trying to pay attention. I’ve got some meetings scheduled for today, but hopefully if I take it easy and watch lots of Harry Potter movies, I’ll get better soon and get going on my goals! My class at Make it University & my Open Studio is 2 weeks away from right now! YIKES!

Here’s a snap from my vacation,

Logan and Cousin Kendyll, 4th of July 2011

recreating a scene from long ago:

Liam, Cousins Karyssa and Kendyll, 4th of July 2002

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  1. OMG…I LOVE these pics!!! WOW my kids looked so little. Kendyll looks so much like Karyssa did! Ryan needs pics desperately. Would you mind printing out a few of vacation and sending them off to him? Also, your brother is dying of a head cold as well! We miss you already…it’s very quiet here without Auntie Candy 🙂