A Set of Nesting Buckets

A Set of Nesting Buckets

The fabric basket I made to hold the fabrics for my fabric dyeing tutorial had been knocking around in my head for a long time…like 2 years or so!


The combination of using a layer of SF101 and batting and turning the top of the basket over makes it quite sturdy, yet still flexible.


I was happy enough with the first basket to spend some time over the weekend and make 2 more in smaller sizes…because of course, these need to be in a set, right?


I used the smallest one to hold our Easter Eggs:


Here are all three together:

I think I need a tinier one too! There’s something about repetition with the changing size that satisfies me! Combine that with pretty storage and va-va-va-voom, they’re definitely making my heart sing!

You know…I’ve got a heckuva lot of stuff to do, but I just had to make these, they were my Easter present to myself! 🙂

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14 Responses to A Set of Nesting Buckets

  1. So? Can we buy a set of nesting buckets, and perhaps “request” a color scheme???

  2. LOVE them! they are perfect. i’ve never tried making round ones! love the pic with the easter eggs in it, what a great display. yay candy!

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  4. OH Darn, I found your website…Now I will never get anything done…I just fell in LOVE!!! Thank you, Candy….there’s never enough color for me! What an exciting find!