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Work in Progress, and a Call for Makers

Just popping in to say I’m busy busy busy…thought I’d share what’s on the worktable right now: Not very glamorous…that that’s how it goes sometimes! A Call for Makers I feel badly that I’ve not been paying much attention to my series “Makers Must”. I didn’t do a great job of keeping track of who I asked… Continue Reading

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

Maree! I’ve sent you a message! Woot! Thank you all for entering, and “friending” me on the Google connect widget! A couple of you commented that you much prefer staying connected that way, so I’m glad I figured it out! I spent the weekend dyeing a bunch of going green tote bags and I’m also… Continue Reading

One Moment: I am not a manufacturer!

About a week ago, Chris Daly of Dye Candy sent me pix of a baby wearing a gift she’d purchased from me last fall, one of my  “Freshly Picked” baby outfits. Oh…my…GOODNESS…so CUTE! (And what an awesome quilt he’s lying on!) For the umpteenth time, I wish I had been the maker I am now… Continue Reading


And just like that (snaps fingers) I’m back in the saddle! I’m midway through the 2nd week of school, the beginning of the year broohaha has died down, and it’s time to look at the calendar! YIKES! 4 weekends of making time and then the biggest show of the year! These past two weeks I’ve… Continue Reading

Amy Lou Who’s Amy Butler Challenge

Amy Lou Who is having an Amy Butler Sew n’ Tell challenge – it looks like lots of fun – with lots of prizes too! Although I no longer work with commercial fabric, I’ve always loved Amy Butler’s use of color. Random fact: I lived in Newark, OH for 6 years, the town right next… Continue Reading

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More Pix from the Quilting Arts TV studio

I know, I know, you’re probably really sick of hearing me talk about this TV gig…this is the last post, I swear! I’ve gotta start teaching tomorrow (boohoo!) and as I was a bit distracted last week, I’ve had lots of last minute prep to do for classes. Back when I expressed my nervousness about… Continue Reading