Monthly Archives: June 2010

One Moment: Vacation is Coming!

As I’ve been working this week, on custom bag 1, custom bag 2 and one more that’s 75% done, I’ve noticed that I’m easily distracted. I admitted that it was possible that even I needed our upcoming vacation. I’d purchased a bunch of clothing blanks months ago in hopes of prettifying my wardrobe, and I… Continue Reading

Custom Messenger Sized for a Flute

This is officially the biggest bag I’ve ever made! An old friend of mine wanted me to make a bag for her daughter Allison to carry her flute in. Flutes cases are 17″ long, so I super sized a mega messenger so the flute would fit. I also customized the inside of the bag with… Continue Reading

The post in which I admit I may need a vacation

I started this month we some awesome energy, but if you read between the lines in this post I’ve had a real hard time staying focussed whilst making. There’s so much I want to do, yet I flit from one thing to another, not being able to stay with one task for very long.  Of course, some of this is because… Continue Reading

Empowering Indie Biz Owners to Think BIG

Scoutie Girl Tara Gentile has been ALL OVER the internet lately. She is such a dynamo, her energy is infectious, and she is bound and determined to make us independent artists successful! First, she wrote an open letter to Oprah yesterday, asking her to shine some light on the creative thinkers, makers, and designers of… Continue Reading

Keep Parts and Pieces Organized

You may have noticed that I’ve got quite a lot to do in the next week and a half – Yikes! I’m working on 2 different messenger bags at the same time (each of them custom with significant changes to my normal “pattern” such as it is at the moment) , trying to not go insane. Here’s… Continue Reading