Monthly Archives: May 2010

Inspiration: Lisa Wharton

Lisa Wharton, of Urban Bird Online: her art is full of birds, and house images. She loves stacks, multiples of things. She is a printmaker, but doesn’t repeat things, each piece she makes is one of a kind. Sound familiar? Seriously, kind of scary, how much  my process resembles hers. If you don’t see the… Continue Reading

One Moment: Bees Bees Everywhere!

I’m working on my 2nd article, I really want to get the houses and stepouts in the mail tomorrow so I was out back searching for a branch so I could take a few pictures. We have a huge bottle brush tree that the hummingbirds just love, but it turns out that bees love them… Continue Reading

Mid May Goals Checkup

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, including 2 birthday celebrations for my now 9 year old, but I DID get the 30 custom totes done. Actually, I got them done a day before they were originally promised, and I made 31, not 30, the last a gift for Merle…she needed one too, did… Continue Reading

Winner announced!

Well, 39 different folks shared 39 different amazing stories of doors they have kicked, are kicking or will kick down! Thank you all so much for sharing these awesome stories! chose this number: which is………Vicki Welsh! Who has  kicked down all sorts of doors which is leading up to the biggest door ever –… Continue Reading

Getting Psyched for Another Busy Week

1st of all, my pocketin board, celebratory giveaway ends tonight…so go comment here if you’d like to be included! I’ve had some awesome comments here, some of which I’ve not yet gotten around to replying to – my apologies for that (but I will get back to you). You are more than welcome to enter… Continue Reading