Monthly Archives: April 2010

Makers Must: A Q & A on Process with Angie Allen of Jumping Jack Designs

Today I’d like to introduce to one of my meetup pals, Angie Allen of Jumping Jack Designs. She makes delightful event stationery and note cards. 1. Where are you located globally? I work from a home studio in Reno, Nevada. 2. Where are you found online? Website: Blog: Etsy: Twitter: Flickr:… Continue Reading

Small Shows Report

Well, I’m here to report on the 2 shows I did this weekend. The weather was lovely, setup was easy, I had a decent amount of customers and sales, so all in all, it was a good weekend! I love sharing my experiences here, but it’s also incredibly helpful for me – I can refer… Continue Reading

A Thread Confession

Well, I jinxed myself, but in a good way. Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to be able to finish making the 22 journals I was in the process of making in time for the show I’m doing tomorrow, so I was going to cut myself some slack. But that may just have changed –… Continue Reading

Mid-April Goals Meetup

Well, when you post your goals on the 4th, the mid-month check in comes even sooner! April Goals Branch & Bird Article 4/23/10 100% RAA Newsletter 4/12/10 75% My Spring newsletter 4/12/10 100% Little Wallets for Spring Shows 4/17/10 0% Going Green Journals 4/17/10 55% Pocketin Boards! 4/24/10 0% Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/14/10… Continue Reading

One Moment: Stacks

I’ve been working hard at school, and trying to get my studio mojo back, as I’ve got a lot of making to do. When I need to make a lot of something, I do it assembly line style. In this case I’m making 11 scribblers and 11 mini-doodles, by Saturday if possible. (stop laughing!) At… Continue Reading

Kicking Down Doors

It’s Monday, and I’ve got a lot to do in the next month. So much so, that it overwhelmed me a bit this weekend, and as a result, I got less done than I thought I would, which is setting me up for a downward spiral. (Please note, some of the stress and lack of… Continue Reading

Headed for the Sweat Shop!

OK, folks, I’ve got 4 shows coming in the next 5 weeks! I’m not gonna panic – but I’ve gotta get my nose to the grindstone! If you’re in the Southern CA area and looking for a fun day out, I’d love to see you! I’ll be at the 7th Annual Orange Muffin Festival at… Continue Reading