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The second piece in the series

Yesterday I posted about a group of 3 new pieces I made for a juried art show at the Redlands Art Association (the only criteria, 14.5″ or less in every dimension). After making the tree, I decided to continue the same color scheme and explore my theme in different dimensions. I love my Branch &… Continue Reading

Don’t look now! Actual art produced!

I love that I am able to support my art by selling things…but most of the things that I sell are of the “Everyday Art” variety – the scarves, bags, journals and soon pocketin boards (I hope!). It definitely took me awhile to not feel bad that I wasn’t selling more actual art, but as… Continue Reading

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Starting a busy week

Spring break is over, and with a couple of deadlines looming overhead, I put the pedal to the metal this weekend and pumped out a lot of stuff. I’ve got 3 new pieces of actual art made just in time to submit for jurying – fingers crossed the pictures on the chip came out. But… Continue Reading

Save the date: a blog baby shower!

I’m so excited – I’m co-hosting a blog baby shower next week for Lindy Turner (aka Crafted By Lindy)! Baby #2 is on her way!! Originally thought up by alamodestuff Linda, Leslie from smidgebox & I are joining Linda to throw Lindy a virtual BLOG BABY SHOWER. (Yeah, I know, all the L’s are confusing… Continue Reading

Introducing: The Pocketin Board!

Well, how much do I love my blog readers? SO much! Last week I showed you something new I was working on and didn’t have a name yet. I got 7 wonderful suggestions! After some discussion with the family, we all thought that the “Pocketin Board” was the most appropriate name for it – thanks… Continue Reading

Meetup: March Goals

My Spring Break Break officially started on Friday,  but the  University I work at is in turmoil, the administration wants to cut 20-30 Faculty positions from my College. That’s a lotta jobs for a faculty that is ~ 170 people. The faculty are rising admirably to action, but I so fear that it is too… Continue Reading