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It’s a bird – more pictures!

Indulge me! I had some more time today, so I took my wee birdies outside for some more photos: As a reminder, this bird is made from a pattern Terry Grant of “And Sew it Goes” published in Quilt Scene magazine last year. Her birds are FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be jumping into… Continue Reading

It’s a bird!

One of the motifs I’m been working in for the past year or so  is birds, lots of birds! I’ve really wanted to expand my birds to that 3rd dimension. You saw a bit of that in  my 3-d birdhouse I was in a rush to make last week: I’d like to make some birds… Continue Reading

Joy: First Rose of Spring

It seems like just last week I was blogging about the Last Rose of Winter, but really it was over a month ago, February 11 to be exact. Anyway, we’ve had some wonderful warm weather here the past few days, and my Lady Banks rose has already begun to bloom: One of the most spectacular… Continue Reading

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Fabric to Brighten up the Family Room

Although  I prefer to work with fabric I dye myself, I am not immune to the lure of beautifully patterned fabric. It should not surprise you that I sew my own slipcovers – it’s that whole necessity is the mother of invention thing. All of the furniture in my family room (that’s attached to the… Continue Reading

March Meetup Mid-Month Checkup

Is that enough M’s for you? 😉 Here’s how I’m doing on this month’s goals (green is new stuff added as the month progresses). March Goals Website: Design Headers for “Special Topic” posts 3/31/10 50% RAA Newsletter 3/10/10 100% Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 3/8/10 25% Finish “Pocketin Boards” prototypes 3/2/10 100% Pocketin Board Tutorial… Continue Reading

Day 3 of Blog Baby Shower

First, the winner from yesterday’s giveaway for the rainbow of onesies: With 36 different entries (when you combine all 3 blogs), the random # generator spit out #4, who is….Rita! WooHoo! And I’m so happy you know a baby who needs these onesies! And now, for day 3 of the shower! If you’ve been following… Continue Reading

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