It’s a bird – more pictures!

Indulge me! I had some more time today, so I took my wee birdies outside for some more photos:

As a reminder, this bird is made from a pattern Terry Grant of “And Sew it Goes” published in Quilt Scene magazine last year. Her birds are FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be jumping into the 3-d world.

One thing I’m very sure of – this bird needs some pals…I think these will look great in groups!

I’m not only thinking about birdhouses, but bird cages, branches for them to perch on, I really love to see birds sitting on a wire – I’ll have to see where this takes me.

The jasmine of 2 days ago is busting out all over!

I’m gonna share this with some friends over at Amy’s!

22 Responses to It’s a bird – more pictures!

  1. This is so cute! BTW, my pink jasmine has been blooming like crazy,too. Spring is here!

  2. Cute! I love the stitching with the varigated thread on the wing. Love the birdcage idea and no ‘real’ mess to clean up (like live birds).

  3. He really is a cutie pie and I like how you quilted the wing. I have long admired Terry’s birds and am glad to see that she has made a pattern. I just may have to make one. I remember when she first showed them on her blog and I asked her if she had used a pattern and she replied that it was her own design.

  4. GORGEOUS pics – I love working in 3-D, I haven’t in a long time. I made a chair one time, and a cactus, and a very large palm tree that the kids used to climb. I might have to make a bird now! Love the idea of the birdcage, Candy.