Monthly Archives: February 2010

Getting to Know You

I have really been thinking about blogging lately. One of my New Year’s “Inclinations” is to communicate my art. I’ve found it incredibly useful to blog about the how, what, and why I make what I make. I am finding that the more I blog about what I do,  the more I understand why. What… Continue Reading

Completed: MY Messenger Laptop Bag

And it’s for ME! More than a month after I got a new laptop for Christmas, I’ve finally made a bag that will carry it and all my other stuff around!  The laptop is quite small and light, just a step above a netbook, and my hope is that now that I have the PROPER… Continue Reading

February Goals Meetup

Well, I sure have been busy this month! I made some art, completing 2 commission quilts this month. I did a lot in the name of networking/publicity, sending off 2 magazine article proposals, finished up my studio submission, sent off 2 interviews (one published here and the other one I sent out an hour ago!), plus I put together… Continue Reading