Monthly Archives: February 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a big fan of this particular holiday. Perhaps it’s because I never had a Valentine or a secret admirer when it would have really mattered to me. When I did get together with the love of my life, I had enough romance for a year of Valentines, so fear not, I love… Continue Reading

A few updates on recent posts

Blog it forward has officially started! Today 10 folks are going to blog about what inspires them, the next day 10 more…until 300 bloggers have talked about what inspires them. I’m really looking forward to reading some new blogs, I LOVE reading about what inspires someone. I’m up in just over 2 weeks, so I’ve… Continue Reading

Blog it Forward Mashup

I wanted to share with y’all a cool sounding “mash-up” San Francisco Girl by the Bay is putting together, called Blog it Forward. The idea is to share a connected stream of blogger posts on “what inspires us the most” on our individual blogs, but link back & forward to the other blogs participating, a… Continue Reading

What does art mean in your life?

This is a question I struggle with often. A tweet led me to this Tanya Davis song: “Art”. And it reminded me of several ways art has meaning for me – perhaps it’ll point out some way art has meaning for you too! I’ve gotten 26 responses to my “Getting to know you” survey that… Continue Reading