Monthly Archives: February 2010

Everyday Art: Organizing the Walls

What a crazy week it has been! Last Saturday, with the prospect of Spring Break just one week away, I worked on something FUN! This is something I’ve had in my mind for a LONG time now, put there by the famous Sally Shim of shim + sons about 2 years ago! I haven’t had… Continue Reading

Inspiration: Jennifer Squires

Are you familiar with the work of the photographer Jennifer Squires? She’s a fellow artist over at Art Wall Online whose work is peaceful & still. SHe works with a very subdued color palette and natural images that are so much more than yet another outdoor scene. Katie Stephenson described Jennifer’s work perfectly in her… Continue Reading

My Sources for Bag Hardware

Bags – how do I love thee, let me count the ways… I really do not know WHY I love making bags so much. In fact, they do cause me a significant amount of stress sometimes! ONE source of stress is finding the right hardware. A lot of the hardware I see on bags that… Continue Reading

Where do I find the time?

Here’s a post that I’ve been saving as a draft since early November. I find that some of my best posts start as a response to a thought provoking question asked by a fellow blogger. Megan Rhodes is a fantastic landscape photographer – her work is truly beautiful. She’s pretty new to blogging, but every… Continue Reading

A Quilt to Chart Max’s Growth

Dear Max, If I may say so , you are one lucky guy! As the youngest of my niece/nephews, you reap the benefits of your Auntie Candy having learned so much and improved her creative skills! When you were born, she made you and awesome piece of art to adorn your nursery walls, a cute… Continue Reading

Mid February Meetup Goals Check in

Well, I’m halfway through the month and I’m making decent progress through my goals. I’ve made some changes to my list: I quickly made a custom clutch for a customer whose needed a quick birthday present. Even though I had taken it off my list, as it had languished there for months, I put a… Continue Reading