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Definition of Success

Hello All! It’s been a llloooonnnnngggg week – I’m still having a hard time keeping up with the day job, the kids, the blogging and the making. I’m way behind (still) in my Google reader. One blog I do get to read right away is Scoutie Girl, and this week she has had a fabulous… Continue Reading

Some Belated Thanks!

I’ve got to same some belated thanks! The prize for winning the Recycled Christmas Ornament contest in two parts, the 1st part, from Amy of Things We Make was some awesome books and fabric (now I DID blog about that part), but Modge Podge Rocks AMY, sent me another package that arrived in early January as well! It’s a stuff bucket… Continue Reading

Proposals sent, wish me luck!

Waaaaay down at the bottom of my long term goals I wrote for myself for this year is getting published in a magazine (which is a big step towards one pie-in-the-sky goal of getting a book published – someday) . When I think about it, it’s kind of weird, the way that one definition of… Continue Reading

Joy: The Last Rose of Winter

Last week was winter in Redlands, CA (which is 1-3 hours east of LA, depending on traffic). Gray, cold and RAINY! Although we were lucky to have no danger of mudslides, etc. it was no fun!. When I moved here 5 and a half years ago, I laughed at those people who complained about it… Continue Reading

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A week of goodness

Hello my friends! Lots of great things have been happening this week, I wanted to celebrate some of them with you! Both my sons have had some great success this week! Liam, my 12 year old trombone playing 7th grader has begun to audition for all sorts of select music groups. The All State and… Continue Reading