Monthly Archives: December 2009

Mod House Christmas Ornaments

There’s nothing like a deadline to get those creative juices flowing! Things We Make was having a recycled, repurposed DIY ornament contest, and I have a huge amounts of scraps of prefused hand dyed fabrics and Peltex. Although as an art quilter I can always use the fabric scraps SOMEWHERE, a big basket of small,… Continue Reading

Tie Dyed Lab Coat Report!

Remember these from the other day? Well, although I forgot to bring my camera, Sharise did, and we got a few pix of the coats on their recipients! What I can’t wait to see is them being worn in the lab next semester – so FUN! Psst…don’t forget I’m hosting another giveaway at Park City… Continue Reading

Is My Christmas Tree Me?

Hello There! I’m digging my way through the huge amount of stuff I’ve got to do, and yesterday we finally got to put up our Christmas tree. Later that evening I read a thought provoking post by Maria Killam over on her blog “Colour me Happy“. She talks about being a prosfessional decorator and her… Continue Reading

Christmas Lab Coats

Whee! Look what I’m wrapping up right now – lab coats for the 3 awesome ladies who prep my labs for me ( and many other professors in the Biology & Chemistry Departments of the University of Redlands)! Although I love surprises, these were a a bit too expensive for them to not be what… Continue Reading

Scrapbox Charity Giveaway

OK, if you’ve been reading here for awhile you know that I LOVE to be organized (or at least try to be).  Amy over at Park City Girl is hosting a bunch of splendid giveaways (including mine). There is this neat company called The Original Scrapbox Company that makes scrapbooking storage furniture…but this stuff would… Continue Reading


It’s official – I’m a Southern Californian. We moved here 5 and a half years ago, and the first couple of winters I was baffled by how befuddled the folks here get with a day or two of rain. The HEAT – now that is befuddling, but rain? Surely these people were insane! Well, here… Continue Reading