I’m so glad you made it here. This site never could have happened without the incredible help of Tara Gentile, a.k.a. Scoutie Girl. She has been AMAZING this weekend, fixing things as fast as I can chat them to her and anticipating all sorts of things I needed before I knew I needed them! And fitting in being a full time Mom of the seriously cute Lola too! Seriously folks, she ROCKS!

If you’ve got a few minutes, please feel free to poke around and take a look. I’m sure there are piles of sawdust in the corners, and some empty spaces to fill, but there’s lots to see! And to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m having a huge giveaway! I’ve cooked up multiple ways for folks to enter, and enter you should because…the more entries I get, the more prizes I give! WooHoo!

For every 100 entries I’ll pick one lucky person to choose either one habotai scarf dyed in any of my 22 color palettes


OR a half-yard of cotton fabric, custom dyed for you in any of those palettes!


But wait! There’s more! If we get to 500 entries I’ll also draw a grand prize winner. The grand prize would be either one of my Going Green Planners, or a custom dyed piece of clothing, you choose the size/style from Dharma


this could also be a custom dyed silk cape like this:


So, you need to know how to enter! There are multiple ways to enter, because the more entries I’ve got, the more prizes I’ll give away!

(1)   Comment right here and tell me your favorite scarf pallette = 1 entry

(2)   Tweet about this giveaway, use #candiedfabrics so I can keep track of those = 1 entry (using text like this: #candiedfabrics has a new site w/Celebratory Giveaway, the more entries, the bigger the giveaway! https://www.candiedfabrics.com/welcome/) would be appreciated.

(3)   Become my fan on Facebook = 1 entry

(4)   Subscribe to my blog in your reader and then let me know in the comments = 1 entry

(5)   Sign up for my newsletter (see the big yellow button on the front page) = 1 entry

(6)   Write a post about the giveaway or my site in your blog, leave me a link in the comments = 3 entries

If you’re counting, it’s possible to enter your name 8 times! WooHoo! And please, remember to leave a way to contact you in your comments!

How long do you have? Until pie baking day (November 25), the day before Thanksgiving. That way I can have the drawing on Thanksgiving (November 26), because I am truly thankful for the connections I make through this box that shines my face with light. Honestly, I truly appreciate all the feedback and support I get from this little community. Thank you ALL!

I’ll post about and try to contact the winners on Thanksgiving, and if I don’t hear from a winner by Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), I’ll pick another!

297 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I love your color combinations! They’re beautiful – like something you’d find in gemstones. I fell hard for the Wisteria color scarf. I would love to win it! And I joined your newsletter. Thank you so much. Good Luck to you!

  2. Hi there
    I LOVE your color choices – wow what a hard thing to choose mmmmmm Sunset is the winner.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Pie Baking day – how about an apple and a pumpkin with ice cream and whip cream.

  3. I’m from Philly. There was a children’s program on years ago, Captain Noah, and his theme song was “I can sing a rainbow”:

    red and yellow and pink and blue,
    purple and orange and green,
    I can sing a rainbow,
    sing a rainbow,
    sing a rainbow too.

    Your lovely scarves made me think of this. You give away rainbows. That’s a nice trait.

  4. I LOVE your scarfs, the colors are beautiful; I couldn’t pick just one type that I liked the best; my favorites are Wild Rice, Tiger Lily, and Black Orchid.

  5. I am new here, I just got your link from Pink Chalk Studio.. I’ve added you to my bloglines reader..

    I’ll be sure to be back..

  6. Oh wisteria, Oh, blue/green, oh they are all fab. so happy to find your site and your blog. thank you

  7. OH MY GOSH You made my mouth water and my fingers itch. There ALL beautiful. I’ll let you pick for me. I couldn’t possibly choose!!

  8. Hi Candy, I’m so happy to have found your new site after much trouble. I love the Ocean Song scarf (actually, I love them all). I have been following your blog in GR for a long time and look forward to following all of your new projects.

  9. I love your site and your designs! My favorite is Sunset, since orange is my absolute favorite color! 😎

  10. The earth and sky is scrumptious! These are all wonderful – I’ll keep you in mind when I’m using hand dyed cotton in my quilts! Best of luck! – S

  11. I like several of the colors, especially the blues and greens. It’s hard to choose. But I also really like Madigrals.

  12. Everything you do is absolutely GORGEOUS – but Breath of Spring just makes my heart sing! Best of luck to you with your new website.

  13. I was directed here from Pink Chalk Studio–beautiful site! I love the black orchid! Best wishes to you!

  14. Too many choices. 3 finalists, Burnt Fire, Madrigals, and Black Orchid. Do I have to pick one fave???Ooooh Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, then I guess Burnt Fire. Seriously all are georgeous. Thanks

  15. Oh my gosh – your fabric is heavenly! I love all the seasons but if I had to pick only one, it would be Ocean Surf. Good Luck with your new website!

  16. Congrats on your new site & the give-away. I love the chocolate squash scarf color.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  17. Okay everyone back away slowly, I’m here to win!!! I love the yummy colors of all this fabric – makes me want to jump into them all and roll around!!! Yes, I’m weird like that. Pick me to win, please?

  18. When I first started browsing your palettes, I thought I’d have a tough choice. Then I saw Wisteria. Now, that’s one of my favorite flowers (I even had them in icing on my wedding cake). The colors, the scent, even the fuzzy seedpods, I just love that plant. I know I’d get a lot of use out of the scarf, too, because I wear a lot of purple. It’s my favorite color.

  19. The dyeing you do is just beautiful. I love the stitch sketching on all your journals. My favorite commutations are those with blue… just lovely.