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Checking in with the list

Well, not much more got crossed off the list since the show. I did add some more things (in green) though: But a lot of stuff has been simmering, blog about it! Be that as it may, the show starts tomorrow, so how did I do in the prep for Art for Heaven’s Sake? Item… Continue Reading

Getting in the Spirit!

Getting in the Spirit!

Hooray – Halloween is on a Saturday…we’ve got all of tomorrow for pumpkin carving, costume making…no Halloween decorating for me though, I’m just not that into it. In fact, I’m not much into decorating for any specific holiday, except Christmas. I love making my house look good, and I like changing it…but now for a… Continue Reading

Shop Update

Well, I’ve finally got my Branch & Bird series up in my Etsy shop. I went back and forth on how to sell them, I’m trying this for now. Hopefully it makes sense, & hopefully they fly off to new homes! Continue Reading

Quick Monday Morning note

Hello all! I spent a large part of the weekend taking & editing photographs. I’m doing less shows this Fall, and hope to make up the difference with sales from my etsy shop – fingers crossed! Actually, as we all know, fingers crossed for etsy sales doesn’t work…we have to get out there and promote.… Continue Reading

New series of posts: Joy

This week has been a crazy amount of catch-up as I scramble to get homework graded and my classes back on track after the big 3 day show I just did. I asked for, and received, advice on my booth display. This is one reason why I LOVE the internet – I find like-minded folk… Continue Reading

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AFHS 09 Over, Cleaning Commences

Hello There! I’ve missed you all and I’ve got plenty of blogs to catch up on! I thought I’d review how my show went, both FYI as well as FMM (for my memory!). The show opens with a 7-10 PM reception on Friday night, then 10-5 on Saturday and 11:30-5 on Sunday. They do a… Continue Reading

Mid October Check in

I’ve been really working away, making a lot of stuff, and I’m so sad I don’t get to properly blog about it all…to me, something doesn’t feel DONE now unless I blog about it! Be that as it may, the show starts tomorrow, so how did I do in the prep for Art for Heaven’s… Continue Reading