Monthly Archives: September 2009

Don't Faint! I actually made an art quilt!

Yup, I did! The theme for the current show at my local art association was Animals, and I’d be a monkey’s uncle if I didn’t make a birdie quilt just for this show! I took my own advice, and used one of my palettes (no, not the new one…the cool one…I’ve got to fuse a… Continue Reading

Mid-month Goal Check In

Well, I’m looking at this list, and some of the things done seem SO LONG ago! Obviously, the 1st 2 weeks of school completely consumed me. And the actual sewing I did occurred way back Labor Day Weekend! I did a lot of computer work last weekend…I’m still on a steep learning curve with Illustrator,… Continue Reading

A New Palette

One of the tools in my toolbelt is to choose a limited palette and work with it. One of the issues that used to stymie me was that as a fabric dyer, I could literally have any color I wanted – the overwhelming amount of choices would freeze me. I discovered the joy of working… Continue Reading

Organic test dye #1

Well, I’m working through the backlog of photos in my to-be-blogged folder! One of my goals has been to start using organic fabrics. I finally found some white organic cotton sateen that wasn’t too expensive, and put a couple of yards through some side by side tests with 2 of my usual PFD (prepared for… Continue Reading

Back to School Shopping

Well, if you follow me on twitter, you heard me wail this morning – I’m back to work, teaching at the University of Redlands. As I was wandering around my building yesterday, photocopying syllabi and primping my powerpoints, I realized that I do love my job…it’s just that I love vacation more! Sigh… Any old… Continue Reading

Custom Tote & Grab n’Go for Tara

Here’s another custom large tote and matching grab n’go, this time for the new Scoutie Girl, Tara Gentile! Her job is to scour the internet far and wide finding indie designers. I’m honored that she likes my work enough to want to lug it around! I’ve said it before – I love making custom bags.… Continue Reading