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Guest Post on Hue

Hello again! I’m a guest poster over on Hue, the color-centric design blog of Rachel Perls. She’s on vacation in Tuscany, lucky gal, while all I’ve got is this shirt: Actually, my post is all about trying to match hues on silk, rayon and cotton…go take a look! Continue Reading

September Monthly Goal Meetup

Birdus interruptus! I’ve been having so much fun taking pix of these little guys and using all my fancy dancy new software…but today I’ve got to post my Modish Biz-Tips monthly goal meetup. Well, September flew past, but I AM getting some things done! Darn that day job though! (Kidding – Love my day job,… Continue Reading

Open Studio Day!

The folks over at Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors are hosting an open studio event this coming weekend. They publish a couple of drool=worthy issues featuring artists studios, and want to celebrate the release of the current one by getting folks the world round to open up THEIR studios! What fun…I’ve showed off my studio before,… Continue Reading

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Gold Branch & Birds

1st, under the file of “Things my awesome husband does for me” is this: He always supports my need for bigger, stronger, faster computing! He’s been adding oomph to my Franken Computer since last Christmas, and the final thing we needed was a faster video card. Well, the new one has outputs for 2 monitors,… Continue Reading