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Yes, it’s true, I like to be busy. I like to do things. I like to make things. I have lots in my head that I can’t wait to see in the real world. Sometimes, it’s all a bit too much. I’m officially in a loop. I’m stuck, and feeling very overwhelmed. In fact, I’ve… Continue Reading

Monthly Goal Meetup: June

Phew! Another month has FLOWN by! Mayterm is always a huge amount of work for me, and Commencement and assorted activities is another time suck, but then comes summer vacation! Unfortunately it started with the evacuation and then enforced whole house cleaning caused by tenting for termites 🙁 So, lets see how I did! Item… Continue Reading

Juki TL-98 Q Meme

Edit: After sewing with her for several years, I’ve written an updated post on my Juki TL-98 Q here. Sew Mama Sew is having Sewing Machine Month! What fun, a whole month full on useful info about sewing machines! Anyway, as part of this month, they’ve asked for folks to review their machines on their… Continue Reading

Bernina 1530 Meme

Edit: A few years ago, Sew Mama Sew had a Sewing machine month, and they asked for folks to review their machines on their blogs. They’re doing this again, and so I thought I’d re-review my workhorse (a Juki TL-98 Q), as the last time I wrote about it it was relatively new to me! (Here’s the… Continue Reading

Forced Spring Cleaning!

I’ve been MIA the last few days – our house was tented for termites, so we had to evacuate from Monday thru Wednesday morning.This involves taking anything edible and double bagging it in special bags. Now, even though they said that as long as the food was protected, everything was safe from fumes, I really… Continue Reading