Ta Dah! Slipcover complete!

Well, I’m still working on the big book switcheroo, but I couldn’t wait to show you pix of the newly dyed slipcover. I LOVE being able to dye fabrics – often times, you can set out to do something, and get exactly what you wanted…and this my friends is exactly what I wanted! My favorite shade of green, with some texture – not too little, not too much!


Chaise_0018 copy

I KNOW that I will be sharing this space with Stirling – he loves to sit in front of the window and watch the world go by!

Chaise_0011 copy Chaise_0014 copy

13 Responses to Ta Dah! Slipcover complete!

  1. Stirling looks adorable how kind of you to create the ideal rest spot for him!

  2. Just beautiful. Love the color!
    I never think to just dye something and it sure does make a huge difference.

    What a perfect spot too – right in front of the window!

    Is Stirling an Aussie? We have two of them.