Monthly Archives: March 2009

Subtle…or not?

I’m trying to make some small, spring-y pieces. Here’s a group of birds hanging around getting into trouble…do I go with the subtle background (which needs to be ironed): or NOT subtle background? Thoughts? Continue Reading

30 Tees and Counting

Well, we had some sun today, which is great, as I’ve got to dye 30 tee shirts as well as 9 1/2 yard pieces of knit-fabric and one very large piece of silk for a production of Donizetti’s “Elixer of Love” – set in the 1970’s! All the chorus people are hippies! Anyway, here’s all… Continue Reading

6 weeks and counting

So, I’ve got some shows coming up. The 1st is 6 weeks away, so I need to focus. Part of me is really inspired to make a lot of art right now, the pragmatic part of me knows I’ve got to make things that will sell, so I could possibly be in the black (supply… Continue Reading

Tutorial: Recovering an Office Chair

Tutorial: Recovering an Office Chair

From this: to this: This took about 3 hours, start to finish (oops plus the 5 days to get the 2nd yard of fabric sent!) What’s neat about this project is that it’s an easy introduction into both upholstery (for the seat) and slipcovering (for the back) and takes a blah black office chair to… Continue Reading

The Glamorous Life of a Dyer

Well, my break is just about over…boohoo! What did I do? Not much…but I did get some dyeing done. I thought I’d give you a glimpse of how glamorous it is to be a dyer: Here’s a shot of a 10 yards of cotton duck and 30 of the going green totes waiting for washout:… Continue Reading