Monthly Archives: March 2009

Elixer of Love Costumes

I did get to 2 performances of the opera I made tie dye tees for last weekend. The costumer did a great job of taking the tees I dyed and turning them into all sorts of differently shaped shirts! What I don’t have is a photo of the pareo I dyed for the lead to… Continue Reading

Inspiration: Simply Robin

Head on over to Simply Robin’s (whoops, this link was wrong, it’s fixed now) blog – as a guest blogger there I talk about how her work inspires me, and how I made this quilt (which is yet to be faced & hung – but hey, I only had 24 hours…and I had to sleep… Continue Reading

She Loves it!

So, I made her come to my house to pick up her birthday present – what a jerk I am! No matter, she loves it! Phew! Scroll down to the previous post to see the house up close & personal! Continue Reading

Teahouse for Liz

Quick…what’s bergamot?   Some sort of wildflower, you say?  Well…yes…and no! My good friend Liz had a birthday this week. I had to do something extra nice for her because she’s such an awesome friend. Anyway, she’s English and loves Earl Grey Tea. She also really loved the art houses I did recently. Couple that with… Continue Reading

Prototype Clutch Complete!

Many people have loved and purchase one of my Grab n’Go bags: But I can’t tell you how many times someone has held it to their hip, and said “I wish this had a long strap that went around my shoulder.” I too think that this is an excellent idea. So I’m working on a… Continue Reading

Step AWAY from the realism!

So, I had a deadline of this past Friday to have some pieces ready for the Floral Show at the Redlands Art Association. I also have been testing some new PFD fabric, and wanted to use what I had dyed to confirm that the new base I’m going to use actually worked, so I needed… Continue Reading

6 Little Birds

So, I’ve been enamored of birds for awhile now…here’s my latest flock: As you can see, I went with the the more detailed background – I was worried that the birds would blend in, but 1) I used bright colors and 2) I forget that the dark lines I free motion quilt around them also… Continue Reading

Subtle…or not?

I’m trying to make some small, spring-y pieces. Here’s a group of birds hanging around getting into trouble…do I go with the subtle background (which needs to be ironed): or NOT subtle background? Thoughts? Continue Reading