Monthly Archives: August 2008

Even More Prototypes

So, I think I’ve got the proportions right on the messenger: Add the Mega Messenger: I’ve gotta make them one more time before they’re perfect. I was going for a softer texture, so I used Stacy’s woven interfacing, rather than the stiffer craft fuse I usually use. I don’t like how the sides don’t have… Continue Reading

More prototypes

I’m hoping to have 4 new bag styles by my next show, which is in October. The Grab n’Go, and then 3 sizes of messengers: mini, regular & mega. It’s amazing how even when I think, worry & fuss over the proportions and construction of a bag, it ALWAYS goes through several iterations before I’m… Continue Reading

Scoutie Girl

A big thanks to Jan DiCintio, who made me today’s featured indie designer over on her blog Scoutie Girl! As designer Daisy Janie, she makes handmade handbags & totes as well as designs her own fabrics! Definately check her stuff out – I love her color sense! Continue Reading

Those darn pictures!

If you ask me, the worst part about sharing my art online is taking the pictures! I wanted to list some scarves in my shop, and I’ve spent the better part of a day processing pictures of just 14 of my scarves…I’ve got, oh many more…and I want to dye even more. WHy does this… Continue Reading