Monthly Archives: July 2008

My Studio Today

So, here is my studio today. When you enter the door, the 1st thing you see is shelves of folded fabric – YUM! Luckily, these shelves were built in to this space, all I had to do was fold the fabric to fit correctly – now that was fun ūüėČ Anyway, as you continue on… Continue Reading

Workspaces I have loved

So, my DH is buidling me a new sewing machine table. I thought I’d recap my older ones and then provide a tutorial of sorts on how he built the new one. This post I’ll give a tour of the studio I had set up in a bedroom back when we lived in a 1930’s… Continue Reading

Blue Moon

After finishing the large “Lollipop Flower” quilt, I realized I wanted to keep working with it. I also had a large wall in my dining room that I wanted to fill. So, I came up with the idea of filling the space with several small pieces, instead of one large one. Thus, I could take… Continue Reading

Lollipop Flowers – the quilt

So, I had found my motif, now it was time to make a much larger quilt on it. Last Fall I was experimenting with limiting my color palette, and also coming up with ways to assemble larger pieces so that I quilt them a bit at a time and there for don’t have to manuever… Continue Reading

What IS working in a series?

So, to get over writers block, I’m going to start by adding my old Side by Side posts. Side by Side was a group blog devoted to quilt artists talking about how they work in a series. I’m afraid it didn’t live up to our expectations – perhaps because of the group setting and narrow… Continue Reading

Hello world!

I’d like to use this space to share my process as I create my art. I attempted to do this on a group blog entitled side by side, and didn’t do a good job there, so let’s see if I can accomplish more with my very own blog! Continue Reading