2016 | My Year in Review

Moving hosting and redesigning the website has taken the bulk of any time I’ve had for blogging this month, but I thought this post was still worth writing. Although I often think that I’m doing enough art-wise, and often beat myself up about it, this is mostly because I’m comparing myself to people who aren’t… Continue Reading

Phew! Online Classes are All On Sale!

My goodness, this website migration has been full of excitement! (Note: excitement and website migration are not necessarily two things that should go together!) To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m having a big sale on my online classes! Whether you want a simple class that lets you dip your toes into dyeing: a class that… Continue Reading

Don’t Mind the Dust!

Hosting migration is complete, and now my awesome web designer and I have some cleaning up to do to make things top notch, right now behind the scenes it looks like an web design version of this: so if you’re here looking for something and don’t see it, or things look a little wonky, don’t worry,… Continue Reading

Meetup | January Goals

Mary has been hard at work behind the scenes on finishing up my new web design. We are also migrating my sites to new web hosting, so at some point I needed to stop putting new posts on the site on old hosting so we don’t have to worry about migrating it too, this the… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!!!

Well, another week has flown by! We’ve all been sleeping late, cooking, eating, and watching movies. Hubby’s replacing shocks, struts and bearings on our old Aztek, and I’ve been finishing up making Christmas presents. Here’s some fun pix from our Christmas morning: I’ve found a cool program called “Blog Stomp” that makes collages like this… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

The presents are all wrapped, the cookies are baked: I’ve got one more present to dye, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating, which is fine because we need the rain! I’ve also got to make 2 more presents, so there’s a box that will be going out sometime next week, and that’s just fine! In… Continue Reading