Another Use for My Awesome Dyeing Sink

Dog washing has never been so easy! My custom dyeing sink of awesomeness puts Stirling at the right level, no more bending over the tub! Of course, he still doesn’t like the process:


When he shakes off, the water flies everywhere, but at least it’s not inside so I have to wipe it all up again!


Pooooor Stirling.


He sure does like it when he’s clean and fluffy though! And he gets lots of treats on bath day!


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New Art Quilt: Jetson’s Christmas

Here’s the finished quilt I’ve been working on:


Those bright ornaments with fun free motion machine sketching details sit on top of a great textured background with white matchstick quilting:



I spent a long time figure out how to bind it, when I called hubby into my studio to talk it over, it came to me just like that: a bright red flange!


I can’t wait to hang it up in my family room next Christmas! It’ll look great with my white Christmas tree and Jester Stockings!


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Studio Snapshots | Lots of Glorious Texture

White on White Matchstick Quilting

I am finally back at work in the sewing studio! I spent the weekend working on an art quilt featuring my retro ornaments in jewel tones against a pure white background. To give the background visual interest I did some unevenly spaced matchstick quilting in white: Here’s the finished background, it’s 32″ x 42″, give…

One Moment | The Auditions are Finally Over! (For now…)


Oh my goodness, Liam and Andrew had a crazy end to the LAST college audition trip! They left last Saturday (Pi Day, so sad, we could have a celebration!) for Philadelphia, to audition at Curtis Institute of Music. (No, Stirling didn’t go with them, I always bring him with me on early morning trips so…

3 Custom Dyed Silk Scarves


The customer who asked me to dye a “shades of grey” habotai stole asked my to dye 2 more tonal variations scarves: I also dyed a smaller silk charmeuse blank (11″ x 60″) than I normally use for a customer who wanted to make sure the scarf was small enough for her petite Mom in…

March Goals Check-in


Last week was pretty much lost to sickness, but lets see what I WANTED to get done and see what’s still possible: March Goals 2 Custom tonal stoles March 3 100% Custom smaller wisteria scarf March 7 100% Private FMQ lesson March 18 100% Quilting Arts Holiday submission March 27 0% Finish the next mystery project March…

My Awesome New Dyeing Sink!


Introducing….my Custom Dyeing Sink! It sits on my back patio, centered between the 2 windows, left is our kitchen, right our music/dining room, this is 8 feet of stainless steel awesome: This awesome thing was designed by me, along with the help of JNL Stainless, a stainless steel manufacturer located about 30 miles from Redlands….

What a Long Week!

New York Trip 05

And the week I’m referring to is LAST week, not this week! It was a doozy, and the stress from it probably added to the WICKED head cold I came down with on Sunday, it’s taken all my energy just to teach my classes this week…. Last Monday morning, I took Liam and Andrew to…

Meetup | March Goals


Believe it or not, my Spring Break is already over! The UoR always has early breaks, this year was really early! Unfortunately, it ended up being not much of a break! Last weekend was spent travelling to Fresno and back for Liam’s All State Orchestra concert. Monday both Andrew and I took Liam to his…

Step Into My “Office”


Shortly after Christmas, I snatched up a chaise that was being discontinued on Crate & Barrell’s website that I’d been lusting after for years, it’s the size of a twin bed, so can actually act as a bed when we have guests, but mostly it’s for me to sit on at night time when it’s…

It’s Here!!!!


Today was the day we could go get my sink! Yahoo!!!! The fabricator (JNL Stainless) is located about 30 miles away, so we rented a 10′ U-haul trailer and headed off to Upland! Luckily the guys had it ready to load on a forklift:   This thing is REALLY heavy, thank goodness hubby thought to…

One Moment | The Last High School Honor Group for Liam


This week Liam spent 3 days in Fresno rehearsing at the CBDA (California Band Director’s Association) conference in the All State Honor Orchestra. This is the last time he’ll be in an honor group as a high school student! I am totally sure that without these honor groups, Liam would not be the musician he…

Blog Hop | Jamie Fingal’s New Fabric Line “Autumn is for the Birds”


I’m so happy to share Jamie Fingal’s latest fabric line with you! And, at the end of this long post is info about TWO giveaways!!! Jaime and I met in the green room of Quilting Arts TV years ago, and have been friends on Facebook ever since. Although I usually work only with my own…

First Rose of Spring, the 2015 Edition


It wasn’t that long ago that I posted a picture of my last rose of Winter; January 31st to be exact! Although the bulk of the country is being hit by horribly cold, snow-filled weather, here in So Cal it looks like Spring! Hubby spent  few weekends pruning back all the roses in our central…

One Moment | A Fun Day in LA

cravens lesson

One of the auditions Liam had last Fall was for the Spotlight Awards, an all performint arts competition with dancers, singers, jazz and classical instrumentalists. Liam made the semi final rounds; another audition coming up! Part of the Spotlight mission is to provide the kids with coaching opportunities. The singers, dancers and jazz musicians had master classes, but…

February Goals Check-in


Time to check in on my February Goals! February Goals Project for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch blog hop Feb 20 85% Taxes Feb 15 100% New Sink???? ??? 50%  Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video  Feb 28  0%  Begin the next mystery project  Feb 28  0% calendar email to students Feb 28  0%…

Studio Snapshots | Lots and Lots of Bobbins


I’ve been working on my mystery project, and I’ve been winding bobbins, lots of bobbins! I love the house in this print! The blog hop for Jamie Fingal’s new fabric line starts next Monday!  

Commission | A Silk Scarf with Shades of Grey


I got an email from a customer a couple weeks ago, she liked my Moonlit Moth scarf: but wanted one with no lilac in it. Easy enough…but while mixing up the dyes, I wondered what would happen if I used dilutions of Silk Black dye, instead of the Nickel that I normally use…so I tried…

Studio Snapshots | And Now for Something Completely Different!


I’ve been using only my hand dyed fabric in my art for years an years now. Except! When a fabric designer friend asks me to make something with some of their fabric! I met Jamie Fingal in the green room of Quilting Arts TV in the Summer of 2010, my first time filming! We’ve been…

One Moment | An Eventful Weekend


Last weekend was the All County Honor Band concert. Liam has done this particular honor group for 8 years! He started participating way back in 5th grade, and this group was really the start of him actually enjoying being in a big musical group – I can still remember how excited he was that at…