Meetup | September Goals

Well, the day job starts today! I do love my job, but I love summer vacation more!

August Goals

Finished New Clutch for me August 4 100%
 Run Faux Snow Giveaway August 5 100%
 Guest Post for Quilting Daily August 25 100%
 Teach 2 Free Motion Classes – 6 sessions in all August 26 100%
 Replenish Scarf Stocks for AFHS Oct 15 100%
Add some bits and pieces to 101-103 August 31 100%
Work on Mystery Project, mystery no more! August 31 10%
calendar email to students August 31 100%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

Now that my mystery projects have been revealed, they don’t have to be mysteries any more! The e-book is out in the world, but I can’t really talk about what’s going on with my book, so things are going to get quiet here for awhile!

I’ve not got as much done on my book projects as I had wanted to, but I’m doing what I normally do when I get a bit overwhelmed…I tackle a bunch of little things that have been bugging me so I can focus on the big one!

I’m lucky that I didn’t need to do a TON of dyeing to replenish my scarf stocks for my October show, Art for Heaven’s Sake, so I knocked that out over the weekend. I had a bunch of little things (and one more big thing) to add to my online classes, I got those done. Now the studio is clean and ready for full time working on the book!

Of course, I also had to do a little organizing in the kitchen too…I ordered some chalkboard labels like 6 months ago and finally got all my flours, grains and rices sorted out and nicely labelled:

labels for my organized kitchen

September Goals

Sateen clutches for Fall Shows October 15 0%
Work on Book February 20! 10%
New iPad cover for me with stylus pocket Sept 16 0%
calendar email to students Sept 30 0%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I’m trying to keep focussed – wish me luck!!!

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Guest Post | Organization Tips for Making Quilted Gifts in Quantity

Hopefully my  Handmade Gifts E-book has inspired folks to think about making gifts for their friends and family during this holiday season.

Handmade Gifts Cover

The folks over at Quilting Arts asked me to write a post with tips on how to keep organized so making lots of gifts doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I also offer ways to make each gift unique, so that each person is receiving something truly original from you. Check out my tips here!


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My New E-book! Create Handmade Gifts for All


I’ve been mentioning a couple of mystery projects for the last several months…and today I can reveal one of them! 18 of my patterns that have been published in different Quilting Arts Magazines over the years are all together in one handy E-book! It’s called “Create Handmade Gifts for All” and is available to purchase right…

A Goal is a Dream with a Plan


Long term blog readers will probably know that I post monthly goals here – although it started as place to keep track of all the different things I want to make an do as an artist, it also because a way to encourage me to follow through with those plans. I also began to start…

Liam’s Amazing Cross Country Concert Tour with the NYO-USA


Well, I’ve been waiting until the end of the NYO-USA tour to write one big post about Liam’s performances with the NYO-USA. If you’ve not been following  along with his incredible summer, you can read more about it here and here. (And if you’re just here for colorful fabric art, skip this post and I’ll…

First Day of School for the Boys!


Usually, I post that fun Staples video with the Dad manaically throwing school supplies into a cart singing “It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!”. But this year, school’s come a little bit too soon for me and Liam. Luckily, Logan was excited to go back, but this is due to a happenstance miracle! He…

Studio Snapshots | More Pages for my FMQ Sampler Book(s)

fmq pages

I’m teaching an Advanced Free Motion Quilting class at the Redlands Sewing Center right now, so I wanted to stitch out a lot more pages for my FMQ Sampler Book (well there are several now, because the book rings I use can only be 2″ big, any bigger and they are too thick to go through…

A Beautiful Trip to the Grand Tetons!


I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to the Grand Tetons; we spent 4 days there around the time of the NYO-USA concert at the Grand Teton’s Music Festival. We drove from Redlands to Salt Lake City the first night, then we had time for Andrew & Logan to do some fishing on…

A New Clutch for Me!


While dyeing with my Niece and Nephew I also dyed some clothes for myself. I dyed a linen skirt a pretty mix of purple and 2 golds, and I tucked a piece of PFD Cotton Sateen (480M from Testfabrics) in with the skirt. The sateen is supposed to have a sheen on one side; it’s…

The Meetup | August Goals


First off, let me announce the winner of my “Faux Snow” Dyeing giveaway! And the winner is… Kathy! I’ve emailed her already, lucky duck! Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time to take stock in what I wanted to get done in July as well as what’s gonna happen this month: July Goals Finished Dyeing…

Giveaway! August/September Quilting Arts Magazine + 4 Half Yards of “Faux Snow” Dyed Fabric!


I’ve got so much to celebrate that I thought I’d share my happiness with one lucky commenter! My 17 year old trombone-playing son Liam is touring the country with the National Youth Orchestra of the USA, and this coming Wednesday, July 30, they’ll be playing at the Grand Tetons Music Festival. So, we’re hitting the…

There’s Nothing Like Family Visiting to Spur the Finishing of Projects!


Our vacation starts today! My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew arrive today for a 2 day visit; Madison has a softball tournament starting Saturday afternoon in the Long Beach area so they’ve come out a couple days earlier to hang out with us! Hanging out means making pizza and paella in the backyard! Our overgrown…

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?


Liam posted this (fuzzy) picture on Facebook yesterday: with the caption “So this is what happens when you practice”. I know I’ve been blogging a lot about Liam lately; I promise I won’t post about each of the 8 concerts the NYO-USA plays on this concert tour that started Sunday, but I had to share…

5 Pillows for Jess and Jim


I’ve been sharing the process of making a set of pillows for my cousin Jess and her hubby Jim, now it’s time for the TADAH! Here they are all grouped together on my couch: Although they won’t all be on one couch like that. The 2 long, skinny pillows are for a long, skinny bench…

Postcard from New York: NYO-USA Rehearsals


Well, Liam’s been in Purchase, NY (on the campus of SUNY Purchase) for a week and a half rehearsing with NYO-USA. But it hasn’t been all rehearsing! One of the fun things they’ve been doing is each section has made a video to introduce each section…here’s the one the low brass did, Liam’s right in…

Studio Snapshots | Improv Stripes and Log Cabin Pillows Process


I’ve been working on the set of pillows for Jess and Jim. Yesterday I stitched up the feather pillows, so I started working on the striped pillows. I love improve stripes, and I usually put little curves in them, but for these pillows, since the others are all made with straight lines, I decided to…

Studio Snapshots | Working on Some Feather Pillows


I’m making a set of pillows for my cousin Jess and her Hubby  Jim. They really liked the pillows I made for my couch, but wanted 2 more for a bench in their living room. We picked out general colors for me to use in all the pillows, but when it came time for me…

July Goals Check-in

patio lighting begin 02

We’ve been trucking along here in Redlands! Liam’s been gone for a week now at the start of his NYO-USA residency, and I have to say that I’m spending way too much time wondering how he’s doing; I’m hoping that this part goes away soon! Actually, since I’m talking about this, I’ll say that I…

Wahoo! Dyeing 103 is Complete!


I am so excited, my newest online class Dyeing 103: Multi Color Cotton Fabric is complete! I’ve really enjoyed working on laying out exactly how to dye a lot of my favorite color palettes, and designing ways to create new ones. I put together of all the fabrics I dyed for the class: If you ask me,…

A Bread Basket with Wonky Squares


Last summer we renovated our kitchen ourselves, and I’ve really enjoyed it all year. There are a couple parts of the kitchen that needed some improvement, one of them is right here: There are like 4 or 5 half loaves of bread on the counter – although there’s not always that many, there’s always a…