Happy Easter!

We’ve been having lovely weather lately, with roses all over the place:



Logan’s been off at Pali Science camp in the San Berdardino mountains near Lake Arrowhead.

His teacher’s been posting pix of the kids each night: here’s Logan on the ropes course:


Getting ready to ride the zip line…


and riding the zip line…wheeeeeeeeee! I can’t tell if he’s having fun or terrified! Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough!


I surely hope all of you who’ve been having horrible winter weather finally have some of the nice weather we’ve been having…there’s some egg hunting that needs to be done!


Prayer Flag Blog Hop

Ooh, I had to share this! The folks at Quilting Arts really support the use of prayer flags in our community, and they’ve just released an ebook that features all several viewpoints on the use of prayer flags, and lots of ideas on how to make them.



Look at these incredible wee prayer flags! They are so inspirational!


They’re celebrating the launch of it with…a blog hop! All the details for the hop can be found at this blog post. Beyond the total awesomeness of this project, I want to tell you all about it because today’s featured blog hop artist Deborah O’Hare is giving away a copy of my new DVD! So head on over to see her beautiful, sea-inspired prayer flags, learn more about “The Prayer Flag Project”, and enter to win my DVD!

April Goals Check-in

Retro Xmas Ornament 1

I’ve been a busy bee, and hardly anything I did makes for good pictures on the blog! My DVDs arrived and I had to package up a bunch of pre-orders and the folks that won the giveaways. Always a bit stressful, to make sure everything gets to the right place. And then I finished up…

3 Sizes of Pet Jester Baskets!


Last Christmas, I made Stirling a Jester Basket to hold his Christmas treats, because I Santa could never fit then in his stocking. However, I made it a bit too big, his treats got a little lost. But this would be a great size for a bigger dog…Marmaduke size! So, I went ahead and designed…

My DVDs Have Arrived!


Hip Hip Hooray! My DVDs have arrived! Although I was able to view the download version of it when that was released, it somehow feels more real when there’s a stack of them in my house! I love the hummingbird on the DVD itself: I’ll be packing up a bunch that were pre-ordered and shipping…

Studio Snapshots | Dyeing and Baking

hot cross buns

We’ve been having the most delicious weather – cool nights, and days that don’t get above 75, really it was heavenly last week. (I’m afraid that’s all over now…). Most of my dyeing requires planning ahead of time, especially when I’m working on a class like I am with Dyeing 103 right now. Usually that…

One Moment | Seeing Color Through Other People’s Eyes


I’ve been working hard on my Dyeing 103: Multicolor Cotton Dyeing class this past month. Last weekend I posted a session on analagous colors, and was so happy with one new color palette I design for that session, one with lots of Earthy Greens: These colors just make my heart sing! Of course, every session…

Winner of My DVD + Fabric


My new DVD blog tour was a lot of fun! And the lucky winner of a copy of my new Quilting Arts workshop DVD and all the fabric to make a sketchbook is: Congratulations to Michelle! I’ll ship your DVD and fabric, as well as the DVDs and free motion sketches to all the other…

Meetup | April Goals


It’s hard to believe that another month has gone whizzing by, but by George it has! Lets see how I did! March Goals Workshop DVD Launch Festivities March 10 100% More scarves for Colla Voce March 20 100% Next 2 103 Sessions March 31 100% QA Faux Snow Dyeing Article March 28 100% calendar email…

So Many Proud Mom Moments!


I’ve been sharing my son Liam’s journey as a musician hear on the blog, not only because I want to remember these moments as the years go by, but also because it’s fun to share this with folks who may not know what’s involved in the growth and development in a young musician! Last Fall, Liam…

FMMS Sketchbook | Autumn at Olive Ave


I’ve had fun showing you all my Free Motion Machine Sketched Sketchbooks with you, and I saved the best for last, Autumn at Olive Ave! It was designed to hold all the motifs I wanted to stitch on the DVD, so it needed to have at least 3 different birds, 3 different vessels and 3…

FMMS Blog Hop | Giveaway at the Home Base!


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour! (I believe we’ll have one more stop, Melody’s got a lot of balls to juggle right now). It’s quite an honor to have all these wonderful artists review my workshop for you, and I am deeply grateful for their time! I’ve really enjoyed sharing…

FMMS Sketchbook | Kitchen Vessels


There’s a slight blip in the Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour, Melody’s got a lotta house stuff that’s come up, stay tuned for that! In the meantime, let me show you the next sketchbook I made! This one is full of new to me subject matter: bowls, vases and pitchers, vessels of all sorts….

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 5 | Sew Mama Sew


Next up on my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour are Beth & Kristin from Sew Mama Sew! It should be no surprise to people who read my blog for awhile that I really enjoy thinking about construction when sewing; whether it’s figuring out how to get the right kind of pockets in a bag, covering the zipper…

FMMS Sketchbook | Giverny Garden


Today I’m sharing another sketchbook while getting running my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour. This one is called “Giverny Garden”. This one was inspired by some faux snow dyed fabric I made whose color palette and texture reminds me of Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny, so I sketched all the classic flowers he painted. Here’s…

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 4 | Susan Brubaker Knapp


Next up on my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour is Susan Brubaker Knapp who blogs at Blue Moon River. I met her filming QATV in the Summer of 2010, and swe got to meet up the next Summer at QATV taping as well when I got to have a couple of really fun dinners with Susan and some other really…

FMMS Sketchbook | Elementary Aviary


Today I’m sharing another sketchbook while getting running my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour. This one is called “Elementary Aviary”. In it I use a simple ROYGBIV color palette, one that reminds my of the few big crayons found in those beginning packs for young kids…and I love stitching my bird motifs on things I…

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 3 | Victoria Gertenbach


Next up on my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour is Victoria Gertenbach of The Silly BooDilly­!!! We met while taping Quilting Arts TV in the summer of 2010 and we’ve been friends every since! (This is her in the green room that day – she looked so great in one of the scarves I brought to…

March Goals Check-in


Well, my DVD blog tour is going great guns, but I needed to take a quick peek at what the rest of this month holds to make sure I’m not missing anything! March Goals Workshop DVD Launch Festivities March 10 75% More scarves for Colla Voce March 20 60% Next 2 103 Sessions March 31…

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 2 | Diane Rusin Doran


Next on the blog tour for my new workshop DVD, Free Motion Machine Sketching, is Diane Rusin Doran who blogs at Ooh! Pretty Colors. I met Diane in the summer of 2011 in the green room of the studio where QATV is taped. I had taped 2 episodes of QATV and my first Quilting Arts Workshop Dyeing to Stitch the day…

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