November Goals Check-in

Oh dear, what a crazy couple weeks it’s been! Did you see “get hacked and locked out of your blog” on that list? Yeah, neither did I! The time I spent on recovering from this craziness has put me way behind on what I wanted to get done on the next session of Dyeing 104. Now I’ve got to switch gears, because Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Hubby heads our for a conference just before Liam comes home for the week. Andrew will return and go into high gear cooking prep, Celia, Liam’s girlfriend, arrives to spend several days with us, we’re gonna be busy!!!

November Goals

Launch Online Shop November 2  100%
Dyeing 104 sessions 7 November 9 100%
Dyeing 104 sessions 8 November 30 0%
 More Indigo Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 Birdie Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 4 Indigo Pillows  November 6  100%
 Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes  November 24  0%
Teach Advanced FMQ at RSC  November 30  33%
 calendar email to students  November 30  0%
Recover from hacking  November 30  90%
Move website to new hosting  December 12  0%
Re-stock scarves  December 12  20%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

In the meantime, we’ve been having glorious weather. In this crazy busy time, I’m trying to remember to look around and notice lovely things right in front of my nose…like this loaded blood orange tree in my front yard. Look at that sky!

blood orange

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I’m back!

Oh my GOSH, what a week and a half it’s been! Last Monday, the 9th, my websites were hacked by a bot! Most of them were fixed and accessible by Friday, a couple took the weekend to resolve, but until a half an hour ago, I couldn’t log in to the admin site of my blog so I could update folks with what was going on!

Now, in the grand scheme of things, I know how inconsequential an issue like this is. Sadly, I have daily reminders of how incredibly fortunate I am to have the life that I do, when compared to the suffering of so many other people. But aiyiyi, I’ve felt like I was missing part of myself, not being able to blog this week! Sigh!

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and laundry is piling up because my dryer gave out over the weekend and the new one doesn’t get delivered until next Monday. Luckily, when I dye silk, I hang it to dry and then iron it, but I’ve got cotton and linen to dye, not only do I prefer to dry cotton fabric in the dryer, but I need to prewash and dry the linen because all the lint that will come out of it needs to come out BEFORE being dyed. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, because the shop was out of commission for a week, I’m extending the re-launch sale until November 30th, hooray!

It’s filled to the brim with lovely things made with hand dyed fabric! I’ve got some zip and go bags, some made with my hand dyed fabric in the Autumn Splendor palette:

and others made with some natural indigo dyed fabric:

There are plenty of my cotton sateen clutches too:

The newest thing in the shop are my pillows made with indigo dyed linen:

The quilting I did on them gives them such an incredible texture! I wish you could feel them!

Of course, there are PLENTY of scarves! I’ve always got loads and loads of my colorful hand dyed silk scarves:

as well as some indigo dyed scarves as well:

And again, everything is 15% off between now and November 30, just enter the coupon code “WOOT” at checkout

Now, to get started planning and shopping for the festival of pie!

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Linen Indigo Shibori Pillows


As you know I’ve been playing around with my indigo vat. I dyed some linen a couple weeks ago, here are four pillows I made with it: They all are closed with a simple zipper on the back: I had some fun quilting these along the fold lines: I love that I had enough space on…

Show Report | Red Dirt Art Festival Fall 2015


We had absolutely fabulous weather for this show! Who would imagine that in November we’d have lovely blue skies and 75-80 degrees? You’d think I’d get used to this living in Southern California! We had rain and cool cloudy weather earlier in the week, but oh it cleared up quite nicely! There were lots of…

Red Dirt Art Festival Tomorrow from 10 – 4

Red DIrt

Red Dirt is Tomorrow from 10 – 4! It’s located at the Smiley Park  on Cajon & Vine St (Google Map) in  Redlands. I’ll have my new Birdie Zip and Gos My Indigo Zip & Gos: Lots of sateen clutches: And I just made some linen indigo dyed pillows too!

New Bird Zip & Go Bags in an Autumn Splendor Palette


I snapped a few pix of a flock of new Zip and Go Bags (pattern by Dog Under My Desk) that I sewed up using one of my favorite color pallettes ever: Autumn Splendor. Ooooooh, I just LOVE these! The front and back of each bag are cut from side to side pieces on my hand…

Meetup | November Goals


I’ve got a lot of balls up in the air right now, I sorta feel like I’m not having time to enjoy/celebrate each individual thing that’s happened, but it is what it is! Biggest thing crossed off the list in October was the launch of my new online shop!!! Big surprise, it took more time…

New Shop is Launched!


Oh my goodness, I’m so excited, my new online shop is ready to go!!! My most excellent web designer Mary has done some magic, creating a new site that is mobile-friendly and really celebrates the photos of my work! If you’ve got a few minutes to poke around, please do! If you see something wonky…