Happy Independence Day!

I thought I’d share this video of NYO-USA’s performance of “America the Beautiful” at Carnegie Hall last summer:

Liam had a great experience with NYO-USA last summer, we’re so glad there are recordings like this so we can remember that awesome concert tour!

Here in Redlands, we had another fabulous week of music with the 8th Pokorny Low Brass Festival. Yesterday was their final day, and we had the faculty over to the house for a cookout. Andrew threw a pork butt in the smoker early in the morning and I spent the day working on side dishes:


We had a fabulous evening just eating and talking and laughing over funny recordings on YouTube:


And of course, I made a cheesecake!


This is a 1.5 times recipe of my classic “New York” style cheesecake. If you’d like the recipe, I’ve typed up both the single recipe that makes a 9″ round:


or 24 mini cheesecakes:


blackberry cheesecake 2

as well as the 1.5 version to make this 9″ x 11″ cheesecake! Download it here and enjoy!

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Meetup | July Goals

I’ve had a busy month with LOTS of family stuff! The Pokorny low brass festival that Hubby organizes and participates in each year is half over today. I had to play in the Sunday concert, I am SO glad that’s over, and I’ll have extra running around to do and concerts to attend each night, and then Friday I’ve got to do a BUNCH of cooking as we host a farewell dinner. After that, though, we are actually in Summer Vacation mode!!! WOOHOO!

June Goals

Banish Website Gremlins June 10 100%
Finish the next mystery project July 1 50%
7 tees for Julie and Mr. Pena June 20 100%
Get ready to LAUNCH Dyeing 104 July 31 10%
calendar email to students July 1 100%
 Baby quilts and basket for Jess and Jim’s baby  June 13 100%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video June 1 0%
Mod House Quilt June 1 5%

I’m now going to completely focus on getting the first 4 sessions of Dyeing 104: Multicolor Silk up so that I can launch by the end of the month!!!

July Goals

Get ready to LAUNCH Dyeing 104 July 31 10%
Teach FMQ at Redlands Sewing Center July 21 0%
Modern Patchwork Submission July 24 0%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video August 20 0%
calendar email to students August 1 0%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

I’ve got a class to teach in July, and there’s an idea brewing in the back of my mind to submit to Modern Patchwork, but besides that it’s All Dyeing 104, All the time!!! I’ve back burnered a couple of things that I haven’t gotten around to for awhile now, but I’m keeping them there so I remember them once Dyeing 104 is done! :-) I’ve got a quilt to finish for Liam, with a firm deadline of August 20, when we take him to college; but since all the blocks are made, I know it won’t take me more than a couple of days to get it finished, so again, I should be able to do that once Dyeing 104 is launched!

You heard it here first: I’m giving myself permission to ease up on blogging until Dyeing 104 is launched!!! 

Because people need to be able to learn to dye lucious things like this:



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Presents for Lucy | Working with a Limited Color Palette


I wanted to share a few more pictures of all the presents I made for my cousin’s new baby Lucy, as well as share some thoughts on working with a limited color palette. Folks who have followed me for awhile will know that even though as a fabric dyer I can dye ANY color I…

23 years and counting!


Well, 23 years ago last night, hubby and I were doing this: Fast forward 23 years, and yesterday Andrew was running around getting the pre-college portion of the Pokorny Low Brass seminar started, while I was doing this: Yep, our fridge in the garage started dying last week, and we didn’t want to lose all…

Final Present for Lucy | A Bird Mobile!


Every nursery needs a mobile, right? So I decided to make a bunch of birds just like I make for Christmas ornaments (pattern is in my e-book) Then I described in really general terms what I wanted and he built the mobile scaffolding. The birds were tied at different heights off each arm and voila!…

New Quilt | Birds for Lucy!


Here is the piece de resistance of all the things I’ve been making for my cousin’s new baby!!! The front is a series of improvly pieced rectangles, quilted with a grid (using a walking foot) that avoids the center rectangles each time, and then I free motion machine sketched a bird or two in each square…except one!…

Summer Time is Dyeing Time!!!

square summer coupon 15

As I’m hard at work on creating Dyeing 104: Multicolor Silk, I realized that it’s been a long time since I had a sale on my other online classes!!! Would you be interested in learning how to dye? Or perhaps you’ve done some dyeing with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes and are less than happy…

Fourth of July Dyed Tees for some Cousins


Some of the dyeing I did last week: Included a set of six tees dyed in Red, White and Blue for a set of cousins who meet at a big family reunion held every 4th of July! How cool is that?