Create Handmade Gifts for All Blog Hop day 9

Hooray, today is the last day of the blog hop for my new E-Book “Create Handmade Gifts for All“:



I’m so lucky to have so many talented friends, most of whom I’ve only met through the internet, to share a bit of what’s inside this e-book! I hope you found them interesting as well!

I’m quite happy to see so many of my designs in one place! To get a closer look at any of them, take a look at this Flickr album.

Handmade GIfts Mosaic


Each stop on my blog hop is holding a giveaway. Each woman will draw 2 names (see the dates of when each giveaway closes in the list below) and send them to me. The first person they draw will receive a hard copy of last year’s Quilting Arts Gifts 2013/14:


The second name will be included in the grand prize drawing!  I’ll draw 2 names myself, one to win the magazine and the second is also thrown in the hat for the grand prize, which is……..

The messenger bag I made for the pattern that’s on the cover!


Yep, it’s a beautiful bag, made from cotton duck that I hand dyed so it’s incredibly sturdy. When I make something especially for a magazine article, I usually hold onto it because it’s special to me. But as my number of magazine articles grow and grow, I’ve decided that it’s time to put some of those items out for use in my own home, or give it away, rather than sell it, so that I can tell the recipient the history of that particular piece.

So you can comment on any of these posts, for a total of 9 entries!

  • Monday, 9/8 – Susan Brubaker Knapp of Blue Moon River – closes 6 p.m. EST on Monday, Sept. 22
  • Tuesday, 9/9 –  Vicki Welsh of  Field Trips in Fiber – closes Sunday, Sept.21
  • Wednesday, 9/10 – Deborah Boschert of Deborah’s Journal – closes Sunday, Sept.21
  • Thursday, 9/11 – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side – winner selected Monday, Sept. 22
  • Monday, 9/15 – Sue Bleiweiss of Sue Bleiweiss – closes Sunday, Sept.21
  • Tuesday, 9/16 – Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt – closes Sunday, Sept.21
  • Wednesday, 9/17  – Diane Doran of Ooh! Pretty Colors – closes Wednesday, September 24
  • Thursday, 9/18 – Vicki Christensen of Sew Inspired – closes Wednesday, September 24 5 pm PST
  • Friday, 9/19 – Candy of Candied Fabrics – Closes Sunday, September 28th at 9 am PST

To enter my giveaway:

  • Leave a comment below telling me what kind of gifts you’re planning to make in the next few months! (And if you aren’t going to make any in the forseeable future, it’s fine to tell me that too!
  • Commenting here closes Sunday, September 28th at 9 am PST, I’ll announce the winners September 29th.
  • I’ve enabled comment moderation, so don’t be worried if your comment doesn’t show up right away.



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September Goals Check-in

The opening of this school year has been BRUTAL! Adding on the additional duties I have this year with committee/faculty senate duties and it’s been crazy busy! Add to that writing up all the posts and trying to spread the word on social media for my blog hop and woo nellie!!!

September Goals

Sateen clutches for Fall Shows October 15 20%
Work on Book February 20! 12%
Run Handmade Gifts Blog Hop Sept 30 80%
New iPad cover for me with stylus pocket Sept 16 0%
calendar email to students Sept 30 0%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I have been able to work on the book some, oh it’s torture to make something and not be able to show anyone but hubby! I find myself hunting him down, usually out in the garage, to show him something and talk through where I should go with it!

I did get to dye some cotton sateen for the clutches I want to make for my Fall Shows:


Here’s to another week!


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