It never rains…

It’s been a crazy couple of days! First, Liam’s girlfriend Celia came out for the weekend. Her birthday was last week so we spent some time doing some retail therapy and getting pedicures:


I made a lemon ripple cheesecake for her birthday cake:

Meyer lemon ripple cheesecake for @celialto_6 's birthday!!!

She also wanted to bake some cookies to take back with her, so we made a lot of these:

Sometimes you just gotta make cookies!

They’re my step-sisters favorite cookie, so we sent some to her as well, she broke her ankle and had to have surgery today.

After driving Celia back to LA, I spent some time ironing silk I dyed for Dyeing 104 last weekend, and then it was time for grading. I graded exams in the backyard, listening to folks in the house out back celebrate when something went right with the team they were voting for in the Super Bowl:

My view: grading in the backyard while most Americans watch the super bowl. I can tell that some team has made a good play when I hear hootin' and hollerin' from neighbor's houses!

Then while eating some popcorn: “CRUNCH!!!!!” went one of my molars! :-( I split the tooth, I’m sure I need a crown! Boohoo! It doesn’t hurt unless I touch it, so it’s been soup and milkshakes for me. The dentist was out today, but luckily she can see me right after class tomorrow. UGH!

Monday started REALLY early, I had to get Andrew to the airport at o’dark thirty:

Dropping hubby off at o'dark thirty he is headed to Chicago to sub with the CSO this week! (yes the Chicago symphony orchestra!)

He’s got a really fun week, subbing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra! They’re playing a bunch of kids and family concerts with music written for Shakespeare plays, actors from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater Company are involved. I’ll head out to Chicago on Friday so I can see the last concert!

What else? Liam’s trombone broke, luckily just a small part, but ugh. And Logan? He’s been sick with what I thought was a cold since last Thursday. He got worse over the weekend, and so I took him into Urgent care this afternoon and found out he had a sinus infection! He’s got some antibiotics, and hopefully is on the mend.

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6 | Color Strips all Prepped for my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt

Because one of my goals for my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is to use….Scraps! So I’ve been cutting the pieces I’ll need for 50-plus more blocks from scraps and small bits of fabric. This of course involves lots of ironing…but I’m done! I’ve now got enough strips to make all the crosses I’ll need for a queen sized quilt, although I reserve the right to swap out and add other colors as the quilt comes together.

I was home at the end of the day and was able to catch some sunlight, so had some fun taking pix:








I can’t WAIT to start stitching these up into blocks!!!!

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Meetup | February Goals


Phew! What a quick month! Of course, because my Mom and Step-Dad were visiting until the 7th, it got off to a late start! Let’s see how far I got: January Goals Dyeing 104 session 8 January 31  100%  New quilt for our bed! January 31  15%  New curtains for our bedroom! February 28  0%  calendar…

5 | The Background of My Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is Gonna Be Scrappy!!


After testing out the new neutral grey dye, I needed to see how it plays with my other greys. So I made 6 blocks, trying to incorporate as much variety of greys as possible, making the centers of the crosses the same color so that doesn’t confound the decision. Here they are: It took me…

One Moment | My Growing Boys


I’ve got this app on my phone called Timehop that shows me posts from social media I made on that day in years past, it’s pretty cool! This month it’s been reminding me about all the college auditions and honor groups Liam was doing last year – there was a LOT of things going on!…

Testing the New Neutral Grey Dye Part 2


After my first round of testing the new neutral grey pure dye, I was surprised at how light the 4% DOS/OWG of this dye was. I was a bit worried because I’d batched it for a shortish, coolish amount of time, so I dyed another round of fabric, starting at 2% and going up to…

Testing the New Neutral Grey Dye Part 1


A couple of months ago,  a new Procion MX dye  was released that’s actually a pure grey – one single molecule is responsible for the color, rather than the mixtures that all grey and black Procion MX dyes have been up to this point. I finally got around to ordering some from ProChem and dyeing some different concentrations of it…

4 | Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt: How Many Greys?

Neutral grey gradation

Here’s a picture of all the greys squares and rectangles I would need to make a queen size Scrappy Swiss Cross quilt (yardage and cutting requirements found here): (You can’t see every single piece, there are lots of stacks 4 and 6 pieces of fabric high). I do believe that most of those are different…