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Video Tutorial | Quilt As You Go with No Sashing


I’m happy to be able to share with you a video tutorial on my method of quilt as you go, that uses no sashing! Often times “quilt as you go” is done by quilting individual sections and then joining all the quilted sections together with sashing strips. Marianne of “The Quilting Edge” and Melody Johnson…

Free Motion Quilting Sampler Book


When I started teaching free motion quilting, I finally sat down and made something to make it easier: a sampler book with a small page of each quilting motif I wanted to illustrate. I used grommets and book rings to assemble it so I can change out the page order. It’s been amazingly helpful, something…

Dyeing with Kids | An Ombre Dyed Pillowcase Tutorial for Sew Mama Sew

Finished Ombre-Pillowcase-1

Logan and I had a lot of fun last week making a video for my latest tutorial: It’s written for kids, and there’s both written instructions with pictures as well as a video, showing how easy it is to ombre dye a pillowcase! Head on over to Sew Mama Sew for the tutorial!  

Quilting as you go

Quilt as you go process 10

Edit: I’ve filmed an extensive video tutorial on this process, find it here on my blog. While posting pix of my quilt in progress on Instagram , I had a question about my quilt as you go method. So while continuing with the quilting, I shot some quick pix with my phone and Instagrammed a quick…

Tutorial | Sketchy Stripes Pillow


A couple of years ago I wrote an article on how to make an improvisationally pieced pillow for a magazine by the folks at Quilting Arts called  101 Patchwork Projects & Quilts. Their online site Quilting Daily has lots of great info, and in their newsletter they often share patterns or tutorials from past Interweave magazines….

Daisy Janie’s New Leaf Bee Block Blog Hop


I am so excited to be part of Daisy Janie’s Bee Block Blog Hop celebrating her new line of organic fabric called “New Leaf”: Jan has asked me to make a block with the luscious new fabrics and walk you through how I do it. I’ve really been enjoying making wonky log cabin blocks (like…

Branch and Bird Mini Quilts


Although it seems like a zillion years ago, it’s really been a little over 2 years since I started publishing articles for the awesome folks at Quilting Arts.   The folks at Quilting Arts have used an article I wrote for them a couple of years ago and re-published it in a free e-book called…

One of a Kind Sketchbook How to Part 2 | Free Motion Stitching and Assembly

Finished Sketchbook 1

My final guest post for the Quilting Arts blog “Quilting Daily” illustrates how to Free Motion Machine Sketch the Mum motif, and then make this simple sketchbook cover. In the previous post, I detail how to make this awesome multicolored fabric that is the base of the sketchbook. The multi-color fabric is combined with some…

One of a Kind Sketchbook How to Part 1 | Dyeing Multicolor Fabric


I’ve got another pair of tutorial guest posts over at Quilting Daily: this time, I’m showing you how to make a unique sketchbook cover. Like my previous guest posts for them, for the cute “freshly picked” baby outfit with the single color LWI dyed clothing blanks and the free motion sketched birds tutorial, I’ve divided the…

Freshly Picked Baby Outfit How to Part 2 | Stitching the Birds


  The folks over at Interweave’s Quilting Daily have asked me to guest blog for them for the next month. I’ve got a series of four tutorial posts planned; the second post shows you how to free motion machine sketch a cute little bird, and then how to stitch the patch onto the shirt for…

Freshly Picked Baby Outfit How to Part 1 | Dyeing the Fabrics


The folks over at Interweave’s Quilting Daily have asked me to guest blog for them for the next month. I’ve got a series of four tutorial posts planned; this first post illustrates how to dye the clothing and fabric to make a “freshly picked” baby outfit. Click here to see the post.

Ask Candy | Tie Dye with Kids


It’s time for another Ask Candy post over at Alamode Stuff Blog. I’ve got a really great question to answer from Cyn of River Dog Prints about tie dyeing with kids!  I’ve tie dyed with groups of kids lots of times so I have lots of info and hints along the way to make it successful….

Large Light Tent Tutorial


Ever wonder how I figured out how to take pictures of scarves like these? Edit: This was a guest post for a blog that is defunct, so now I’m re-publishing it here! For the larger items I need to photograph, like bags & scarves, I had been setting up in front of the new white…

Tutorial | Make a Light Box for Product Photography


This is an older post that was a guest post for a blog that is defunct, so now I’m re-publishing it here! My art is visual, I need  great pictures, so people can see what I do. And if people are going to spend their hard earned money on something I created, I want them …

Tutorial | Dyeing Primary Tints


I had a lot of fun writing up a beginning fabric dyeing tutorial for the folks at Sew Mama Sew, it covers probably the first type of dyeing a beginning dyer should do…making tints of a primary color. I had  lot of fun folding, stacking and snapping pix of the finished product: But I ALSO…

Ask Candy | Custom Ironing Board Tutorial


Hi there! I’m over at Alamodestuff Blog today, with a tutorial on how to make a custom ironing board like the one here: It sits on my custom storage cart…if you want one of those, well  there’s a tutorial for that over at Lillyella!

Yes You CAN make leaf prints for Fall decorating


I’ve got another guest tutorial on how to make these fun leaf prints over on Lillyella, take a look!

Tutorial | Where to start with sewing machine presser feet


My latest “Ask Candy” post is up over at Alamode Stuff – it’s about how to get started with differnt presser feet on your sewing machine. I love this series…’cause folks ask me about all sorts of things that I know, and never thought anyone would be interested in. OR, it’s something I don’t know, but…

Yes you CAN install bamboo/hardwood flooring


Hello All! First, I need to thank you all for the incredibly awesome energy you sent me in the comments yesterday….seriously, my heart is stronger because of them! I wanted to pop in and tell you that my next tutorial over at Lillyella’s is up: I detail how we install bamboo/hardwood floor. Go take a look, and…

Washing Quilts made with Hand Dyed Fabrics


My next “Ask Candy” post is live over at alamode stuff. Remember this quilt? Amy sent in a question about how to wash newly made quilts, and the answer is here!