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Video Tutorial | Quilt As You Go with No Sashing

I’m happy to be able to share with you a video tutorial on my method of quilt as you go, that uses no sashing! Often times “quilt as you go” is done by quilting individual sections and then joining all the quilted sections together with sashing strips. Marianne of “The Quilting Edge” and Melody Johnson from “Fibermania” both have great tutorials on this method. This is a great method, but ultimately there are sashing strips that must be there for part of the design. I tried this out on a queen size quilt for my bed

hand dyed fabric quilt made of simple squares earth colors

This allowed me to assemble the blocks with the lines changing directions quite easily, but that sashing is definitely there:


So, I now quilt large quilts in a different way, adding a section on to a piece that’s already been quilted so I only have to push a maximim of 18″ under the arm of my machine. Last summer, I shared a picture of a quilt I was quilting on Instagram and one of my Instagram friends asked me what exactly I was doing. It was lonely up in the sewing studio, so I snapped pictures at various parts of the process and shared the explanations with her on Instagram, and turned that coversation into a blog post.

Here’s a picture of my first “modulating squares” quilt:


I got a lot of “thanks you’s” from folks about posting how I do this, so I know that I’m not alone in wanting different ways to handle quilting a large quilt. But I also know that some people learn better when watching a video and hearing someone explain something, so as I am making 2 more big quilts for my sons’ beds, I decided to video and narrate all the steps I take with this method while making Logan’s quilt:


It ended up being about 33 minutes long! I take my time trying to explain every step, so please, if you’re short on time or have a data allowance, visit the pictorial version of this tutorial instead. I broke the videos down into four main parts:


In this segment, I explain the process, explain how I use fusible batting and talk about where exactly I will quilt the first piece.

Part 2: Adding a Column or Row

In this segment, I try to show exactly how a new column or row is added to the quilted section.

Part 3: Quilting

Here I show my quilting setup, and have taken videos of the quilting at a couple of different angles.

Part 4: Conclusion

Finally, I wrap things up and show you how to add quilt sections at several angles.

Alright, I do believe that I’ve now presented a really clear picture of how I quilt large quilts! I hope you’ve found this helpful! 


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