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Gifts for Quilters!

Phew! That holiday weekend just FLEW by…and I was quite the busy bee. I had to do a huge studio tidy up, while I did that i found a UFO that was more finished than I thought! Gotta love that! It’s up on the design wall – it’s a Welcome quilt in the style of Charles MacKintosh I started … 3? years ago…I can’t even remember now! I put it away because I got a bit frustrated with trying to make everything look perfectly symmetrical. This was one of those “AHAH” moments I got while working on this piece – I don’t want to make things that look all perfect, it removes the human element (for me, anyway). And in this quilt I was trying to recreate some lovely typography – which needs to be perfect so that it doesn’t detract from the eyes ability to read smoothly and quickly across the page. I want my quilts to be savored and to have lots of things to see, not be this perfect set of shapes that the eye just zooms across. BUT, I still love this font…I’m going to leave this up for awhile and think about it!Clean-DeskIf you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know I’ve taken to posting my to do lists. I love this so much that I’ve expanded it a bit and turned my “inspiration” board into a “Git ‘er Done!” board, where all the stuff I need to be working on is posted right there. I can put invoices when I make an Etsy sale on there, and tracking info for recently shipped packages too! A simple thing, really, but it’s helped me get a handle on my pre-Holiday making!

Git-er-done-boardLook what my honey made me for my Birthday! A super duper strong keyboard “drawer” on really strong full extension slides. It’s got room for my mouse and my new Mac keyboard (even though my computer is a “mad Dog” PC, this keyboard is the BEST when it comes to fast typing!)


Gift suggestions for quilters anyone? Here are some lists to get you started:

I’m sending my hubby this list right now!

Don’t forget my Rainbow Sale going on all this week!

Rainbow Coupon Large

Now, I’ve gotta get back to my day job! sigh…

Guest Blogging

Hi there! I’m blogging about taking photos over at Simply Robin today. I took some new photos of my new Journal covers (STILL need a name!) this morning and posted my adventures over at Robin’s. Here is the “money shot” – I LOVE this one… I’m now off to sew 30 of these babies by…Saturday!… Continue Reading


Yes, it’s true, I like to be busy. I like to do things. I like to make things. I have lots in my head that I can’t wait to see in the real world. Sometimes, it’s all a bit too much. I’m officially in a loop. I’m stuck, and feeling very overwhelmed. In fact, I’ve… Continue Reading

Juki TL-98 Q Meme

Edit: After sewing with her for several years, I’ve written an updated post on my Juki TL-98 Q here. Sew Mama Sew is having Sewing Machine Month! What fun, a whole month full on useful info about sewing machines! Anyway, as part of this month, they’ve asked for folks to review their machines on their… Continue Reading

Bernina 1530 Meme

Edit: A few years ago, Sew Mama Sew had a Sewing machine month, and they asked for folks to review their machines on their blogs. They’re doing this again, and so I thought I’d re-review my workhorse (a Juki TL-98 Q), as the last time I wrote about it it was relatively new to me! (Here’s the… Continue Reading

My New Sewing Table

So, the upside of my little business is that I have made enough money to completely cover all my material expenses, plus I’ve been able to purchase a new camera (a Nikon D40) and a new Sewing Machine – a Juki TL-98Q. Yay! But now I needed a table that could fit both machines at… Continue Reading

My Studio Today

So, here is my studio today. When you enter the door, the 1st thing you see is shelves of folded fabric – YUM! Luckily, these shelves were built in to this space, all I had to do was fold the fabric to fit correctly – now that was fun 😉 Anyway, as you continue on… Continue Reading