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My Awesome New Dyeing Sink!

Introducing….my Custom Dyeing Sink! It sits on my back patio, centered between the 2 windows, left is our kitchen, right our music/dining room, this is 8 feet of stainless steel awesome:


This awesome thing was designed by me, along with the help of JNL Stainless, a stainless steel manufacturer located about 30 miles from Redlands. When I described what I wanted and how I would use it, they made some great suggestions that make it totally awesome!


There is a raised edge all around the counter, so any spills will always be directed to the sink


The whole work surface has a slight drainboard built in, assuring everything drains to the huge sink:


The sink, although it’s huge, is very shallow, so I can work within the sink if I want, and when I’m rinsing out fabric I won’t be leaning over and killing my back:


I’m not at all worried that the containers I dye in won’t fit under the faucet with that shallow sink because I’ve got a humdinger of a faucet! It’s a commercial kitchen faucet with a regular faucet that’s high off the deck and the pre-rinse pull down that is perfect for easily rinsing off the entire worksurface:


I ask the guys to put the drain in the back, so I could be rinsing out a dishpan of dyed fabric and not be covering the drain. I originally imagined it being in the far back, but they told me it would be better to be in the center off to the side, making the plumbing easier to install:


Because the plumbings off to the side, I’ve got room on the open side for all my big soaking buckets:


And on the other side is SO much storage! The cabinet is so deep that there’s 2 layers of stuff down there, the things I don’t use very often are in the back row:


It’s just fabulous! I finally got to dye over the weekend and break it in! Here’s a few snaps during the dyeing:


My old sink used to be in front of the kitchen window, so I would tape my dyeing spreadsheets. Now, I clip them onto the Ikea Fintorp rail we’ve installed above the sink. (The faucet needed to have a support screwed to the wall, hubby wanted to do a small strip of wood behind it as it would make the faucent support more secure – I suggested extending it all the way across for the railing, and it’s working great!)


And the rinsing out is super easy now!




That folding down dish drainer that works with the Ikea hanging rails works so well for drying small cups, graduated cylinders etc… that I went back to Ikea Saturday night to buy 2 more!


I really enjoyed working on it…it’s so awesome!!!!

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Studio Cleaned and Thread Organized!

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Organized Closets, Hurray!

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