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Packing up for Art for Heaven’s Sake

I’m packed and ready to go! I’ll teach my class in the morning and then hubby and I head allll the way up the street to the church where this show is held. We’ll set up the booth and then I should have time for dinner and a shower before the “gala opening”.

I was able to make 6 kindle covers and 5 ipad covers (I already had two):

One more convertible tote made with hand dyed fabric to go along with the 3 I made last month:

and four more convertible totes made with Daisy Janie “Shades of Grey“:

Yes, I was a busy girl this week! Fingers crossed we have good weather all weekend long. If you live close by, come on by, this is a great show!

Oh, my friend Amy over at had to change her URL, but she’s still hosting her awesome linky party  “Sew & Tell Fridays”, head on over and take a look!

Mother’s Day is Coming

With Easter so late this year, Mother’s Day is around the corner! Yikes! One of the items on my to-do list is finally ready to go: I’ve added a fancy schmancy cart system to my online shop! Which means that I’ve got a way for you to see what’s been added to your cart while… Continue Reading

One Moment: I am not a manufacturer!

About a week ago, Chris Daly of Dye Candy sent me pix of a baby wearing a gift she’d purchased from me last fall, one of my  “Freshly Picked” baby outfits. Oh…my…GOODNESS…so CUTE! (And what an awesome quilt he’s lying on!) For the umpteenth time, I wish I had been the maker I am now… Continue Reading

Gifts for Quilters!

Phew! That holiday weekend just FLEW by…and I was quite the busy bee. I had to do a huge studio tidy up, while I did that i found a UFO that was more finished than I thought! Gotta love that! It’s up on the design wall – it’s a Welcome quilt in the style of… Continue Reading

Working hard behind the scenes!

I’m a little distracted this week…I’m trying to get ready for my other big show of the season: But I’m also putting the final touches on the new website with the help of my fantastic web designer, Tara (a.k.a. Scoutie Girl)! Here’s hoping all goes well and it launches next week soon, (no jinxing here!)… Continue Reading

Quick Monday Morning note

Hello all! I spent a large part of the weekend taking & editing photographs. I’m doing less shows this Fall, and hope to make up the difference with sales from my etsy shop – fingers crossed! Actually, as we all know, fingers crossed for etsy sales doesn’t work…we have to get out there and promote.… Continue Reading