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A drizzly, but fun, patio class!

Last weekend, Meena, a lover of all things color like me, invited 5 of her best buddies to a patio class. She and her daughter Tashi have dyed with me before, so we all dived right in to dyeing! Each woman dyed 2 (or 3!) silk scarves in one of my many color palettes. We had a tremendous time in spite of a drizzly day: a couple of times the drizzle turned into out and out rain! I found hats for everybody, and we stopped for tea and banana bread a couple of times, which kept our insides warm and our spirits high.

We had a really fun time, just take a look at their faces!!!





Meena has some wonderful friends, each woman here comes from a different period in her life, how awesome that she’s been able to keep in touch with all of them!!!! She’s on the far right in this picture. What a fun day!


Ooh! Meena sent me a couple of pictures of a couple of the finished scarves literally minutes after pressing publish on this post!



The scarves look lovely…and the smiles on their faces are grand!!!!

Another Fun Patio Class

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Introduction to Indigo: Experimenting with Pattern

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Favorite Color Gradations

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