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A Happy Friday!

I got to email the two winners from my birthday giveaway today!

First, Debbie H. was number 35 on my list of newsletter subscribers:

Newsletter winner

And then the 12th commentor on the post was

Blog winner

Helen who said:Helen

I’m glad to hear that (at least some) folks like to hear about my son’s acheivements, because I certainly enjoy sharing them! 🙂 As a matter of fact, we just heard that he is a finalist again in the American Trombone Workshop’s solo competition! Wahoo! This workshop is sponsored by the Army Band and held each Spring in Arlington, VA. He won it last year, so the pressure was on to make it to the finals this year as well! The recording he made for this was just one of several he’s recorded in the past 3 months, of course most of them involve different pieces of music, so he’s been juggling a lot of musical balls, so we are very happy about this! Hooray!

In this busy week, I got to use the lights we installed on the patio last summer for their intended use; dyeing after the sun goes down!


They were great! And I got my dyeing finished!

Lucky Duck – A Jewel Tone Lover!

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You SEW, Girl! | Nicole Mallalieu’s most excellent book

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Winner of the Quilting Arts Gifts Giveaway!

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Winner announced!

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