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One Moment | 3 years of High School left!

Last Thursday was Logan’s last day of his freshman year of high school!


Boy did he grow this year; not only up, but his face has changed, it’s looking less and less like my cute baby did! And hair! His hair is the darkest in the family, and for awhile this year he was sporting a heft pair of sideburns!!!

Logan doesn’t have the drive that Liam did at this age; there’s not one thing that he’s really passionate about, so he’s had less motivation in school. But he’s made great strides forward in getting himself out of the complaining phase whenever he’s asked to do something and on to the doing phase, fingers crossed that this translates into greater motivation in school next year!

Although I now know that sending a kid off to college does not bring an end to parenting and worrying and helping from afar, I am greatly encouraged by the fact that we only have 3 more years of getting someone to school by 7:25 am, something that is tough for ALL of us.

One Moment | The Decision is Made!

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that my son Liam is a senior in high school and has been following his passion to play the trombone. He’s worked really hard, had all sorts of awesome successes, (along with a couple of disappointments), and auditioned all over the country… Continue Reading

What a Long Week!

And the week I’m referring to is LAST week, not this week! It was a doozy, and the stress from it probably added to the WICKED head cold I came down with on Sunday, it’s taken all my energy just to teach my classes this week…. Last Monday morning, I took Liam and Andrew to… Continue Reading

Proud Mom Moment | Liam’s in the Newspaper Again

Liam has been home from the NAfME All National Honors Orchestra for 10 days. He was contacted by Penny Schwartz, a reporter for the Riverside Press Enterprise when he got home, she and David Bauman, (a photographer) came by the house last Tuesday. This morning we found this awesome article with a really stunning picture… Continue Reading

One Moment | Liam’s Off to NAfME

I’ve been recording my older son Liam’s journey as he grows as a musician here on the blog, mostly for me to help remember these occasions, but also I know that at least of few readers find this interesting…not everybody raises a classical trombonist, it is an interesting road for sure! 😉 He is a… Continue Reading