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Upcoming | FMQ Refresh Class

I love teaching – students come up with the best ideas! In my last Free Motion Quilting class, a couple of my students commented that they needed more time between lessons to absorb what they had learned and put the skills into practice. They both had had a really busy week and not been able to touch their machines. The Redlands Sewing Center offers several “clubs”, classes that meet once a month from September to May (skipping December), so I mentioned we could start a FMQ club.The other ladies in the class chimed in and said they’d love that idea and I got to work plotting, planning and scheming with the woman who manages the scheduling. We’ll run it starting next September on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30 – 9:30. I’m so excited by this new format, where I’ll include lots of FMQ motifs with variations on each one along with smaller projects to make that feature Free Motion Quilting.

We also decided that I should offer a one day FMQ refresher class in April, for folks who had taken a FMQ class and then not had a lot of practice lately. We’ll limber up everyone’s Free Motion Quilting skills, learn variations on familiar motifs, and make a quick zipped pouch with a practice sandwich. This is a taste of what we’ll be doing in the club! 

When: Monday, April 10 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Where: The Redlands Sewing Center, 422 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373

To Register: Call the Redlands Sewing Center (909) 792-3994

I am really excited by this idea and am overflowing with things to do in a year long club! I certainly hope I’m not the only one!

2016 | My Year in Review

Moving hosting and redesigning the website has taken the bulk of any time I’ve had for blogging this month, but I thought this post was still worth writing. Although I often think that I’m doing enough art-wise, and often beat myself up about it, this is mostly because I’m comparing myself to people who aren’t… Continue Reading

8 Jester Stockings Complete!

Yahoo! I got 8 Jester Stockings completed  in time for my clients to give them as presents! Hooray! What I didn’t have time for was anything but a few quick iPhone snaps: What’s most important is my customers are happy and now it’s time for Christmas Cookie Baking!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading