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Our Kitchen Reno | Demo!!!!


Well I’ve brought you pretty much up to date on where we are with our Kitchen Reno! We took Liam up to Idyllwild Summer Arts Academy on Sunday and Monday we started demo! We started by clearing space in the family room: because our cabinets got delivered!!!! Can you believe this is a whole kitchen’s…

Our Kitchen Reno | The Family Room is Painted!


The last time I posted about our reno, I talked about my color choices and gave you a preview of the finished family room. Now I can share a bunch more pictures of the room! I’m so glad we got this part of the project done before we had to host a couple of parties…

Our Kitchen Reno | The Colors!


So, now I’ve shown you the plans, I can tell you a little about the COLOR stress I’ve had over this kitchen! My Pinterest kitchen board is kind of like a stream of consciousness peek into what I was considering for the kitchen in a kind of temporal fashion! I started with these things that…

Our Kitchen Reno | The Plan


One of the things that makes this whole renovation possible is Ikea’s 20% off kitchen sale. Their cabinets get really great reviews, the hardware is Blum, which is top notch, and their European stuly, which I prefer, because I think you get more usable storage from the cabinet than a more traditional style, overlay door…

Our Kitchen Reno | The Beginning


As I blogged about earlier, we’ve been planning a kitchen/family room reno all Spring, and work on it has already begun! Hooray! I really love reading about other folks renovations, and I’ve gotten some great ideas from those renovations over the years, so I know that I wanted to blog about the process here, both…

New Quilt! | Modulating Squares


I am so in love with this quilt! I’ve shared with you the design of it, as well as written a quick tutorial of how I used a “quilt as you go” technique to quilt it. I then bound it with bits of all the different colors and took a lot of pictures! 😉 This…

The State of our Kitchen/Family Room


OK, so on top of everything else I’ve been doing this Spring…I’ve also been spending many hours each week consumed with…KITCHEN! When we bought this house in So Cal 9 years ago (right before the real estate bubble burst…), it was pretty darn dated. We’ve been updating it slowly, doing all the work ourselves, when…

New Linen Pillows in my Autumn Splendor Palette!


Well, I was able to  make 4 pillows before we had to change gears and serve up Thanksgiving dinner. We had to move the furniture in the living room all around to accommodate the 2 extra tables we needed. Because we move the furniture around for the Christmas tree, the room is officially discombobulated right now. It…

New Slipcover for Hubby’s Favorite Chair Complete!


One thing I did during Thanksgiving break is slipcover my hubby’s new chair. We bought this chair 9 years ago (actually, just before we moved to California), and the fun citrus print set the color scheme of the family room. Fast forward 9 years, the chair structure has held up really well, but the fabric,…

Chaise Slipcover Dyeing Complete!


I’ve been hard at working changing out the colors in my living room. I’m halfway through the biggest project, sewing a slipcover for my hubby’s favorite chair, but I did get my chaise slipcover dyed – I was quite worried as I had to come up with a color combination that would overdye the new…

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 6 | Stairs Just About Done!


Our huge home reno project is just about done! Hubby got the hardwood done on all the stairs, and the trim is just about all up. We’ve got to add corner trim under the last step, there are lots of nail holes to fill, we’ve got to caulk the trim and add a finish coat…

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 5 | Bedroom Just About Done!


Once hubby got the new moldings put in, I’ve put back all the furniture I want to have in the bedroom. Although the molding still needs to be caulked and the nail holes filled in, this room is looking close to done!!! Come inside and see!!! The bedroom has been a hodge podge of furniture,…

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 4


Well, the bulk of the floor is done! And the details, the details are taking longer than the installation of the bulk of the floor. At this point it is all the hubby, figuring out each little funky shape, each edge…it’s going to take awhile!

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 3


Sunday morning, we got down to business! I picked up the floor nailer from Home Depot while Andrew snapped some chalk lines to figure out what was straight and how we should nail it down. Luckily, the way that made the most sense (and it was straight) was to start at the far side under…

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 2


We were busy Saturday! After an awesome Friday night (I’ll blog about going to the Hollywood Bowl soon it was awesome), we were up early Saturday so I could get the patio ready to teach an intro dyeing class (post about that coming soon too!) While I was outside dyeing, Dad and the boys got…

Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 1


We got rid of the carpet up the stairs and down the hall. Andrew wanted to get a good look at the stairs, and how the railing was attached. Good thing too, because there was a whole second set of plates that were hidden under the carpet. We also got to see the source of…

Finally! The Nasty Carpet is Going Away


We’ve lived in our house for 8 years, and we’ve slowly been replacing the nasty brown carpet that is installed up our semi-circular staircase and all through the upper floor. Hubby and I (mostly hubby) lay down bamboo in my sewing room 4 years ago. 2 summers ago we did the boys bedroom and playroom….

A Quilted Mantle Cover


Another project I finished last week was something else I wanted to make last Christmas! I love simple glass spherical ornaments, and have always wanted to create a curtain-like display of them hanging straight down in front of a window or my fireplace, completely impractical in a house with kids and dogs. So here’s my solution:…

Bookeeping Update


I’ve been keeping my accounts with an excel spreadsheet for years (details blogged here). It worked for me because until these last few months, most of my sales were done in cash or with checks at shows, so I could just include a single line with a total from a show and be done. But…

Wondrously Organized Storage in my Garage!


It should not be a surprise, but as my business grows, my storage shrinks! I’ve done a series of de-cluttering and clearing out of unneeded supplies, and through the years I’ve narrowed in on how I like to work in my studio, storing items and supplies most often needed in the easy to reach places,…