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One Moment: School’s Out for Summer!

Wahoo! Summer has started! I finished my last  class today, and I’m free, free, free for the summer! I’ve got huge plans for the summer, with lots of stuff to add to my todo lists, but I wanted to stop and just revel a bit in the joy I get from teaching. My job at the University of Redlands is to teach lab science courses to non-science majors…this often means seniors who have put off taking science because they hate it, or feel they’re no good at it. So I design courses that teach them the scientific method in ways they can relate to! During this crazy month called May Term, I teach a class called Mother Earth Chemistry: we make beer, cheese, soap, and learn all about dyeing: fiber reactive as well as natural dyes. We even got to try indigo dyeing!

Today my students put on a feast, bringing in food they made using the concepts we learned about, and they all wore/brought the things they dyed. What is awesome is to have them realize that they could predict and (at least partially!)  control the dyeing process. Here’s a slideshow of all their successes:

om [one moment] meet up

We had a fantastic time, and today’s final presentations were fun moments I’ll enjoy remembering!

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

Tie Dye Day Results!

The kids were happy to see their shirts we all dyed together yesterday! They really did these mostly by themselves (after a short reminder about the color wheel and a demo by me on Mr. Rude’s shirt) – the  only help most of them had was a reminder to check the bottom of the milk… Continue Reading

Commission Complete

Another commissioned tote complete:   And yesterday was Tie Dye Day in my son’s 2nd grade class. This was fun, because I’d done this with the same teacher when my 6th grader had him for 2nd grade. Mr. Rude still has a picture of that class all wearing their shirts, and I’ll take one this… Continue Reading

Mother Earth Chemistry

So, I don’t usually blog about my day job – I’m a Senior Lecturer (just got promoted this week!) in the Biology department at the University of Redlands. Anyway, in May we teach one intensive course, which I’ve just finished! So as soon as Graduation is over, I’m free for SUMMER VACATION!!!! WooHoo! The course… Continue Reading