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February Goals Check-in

I’m so excited that I’ve started working on my Wonky Tree Quilt! This quilt has been in my head for literally years!

Although I should keep chipping away at working on my website, there’s only so much computer work I can do each week before I go insane! #truth

February Goals

Sample for March FMQ Refresh class Feb 4 100%
Finish up installing plugins/tweak website design Feb 28 30%
Teach Silk Scarf Patio Class Feb 18 0%
Update Tutorials on Website Feb 28 0%
Update Galleries on Website Feb 28 0%
Dye new scarf palette for giveaway winner Feb 28 0%
Paint Dining Room! March 5 0%
New curtain for dining room March 5 0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes Feb 28 0%
Stripey Quilt Feb 28 0%
Prayer Flags for Swap March 1 0%
Quilt Facing Article March 20 0%
 Calendar email to students  Feb 28 0%
Stool cover for Mary- on hold Backburner-ish 0%
Pillows for Morris Chair – on hold Backburner-ish 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 0%

Look at this double rainbow that showed up in my backyard the other day:

How cool is that?

Meetup | February Goals

Well! One HUGE Goal is off my list, hurrah! The website migration and re-design is complete, hooray! Now, it’s not totally done, but now that I’m on the new hosting with an upgraded backend there are more things that I can do myself that I couldn’t before, so there’s more to do. But this is… Continue Reading

2016 | My Year in Review

Moving hosting and redesigning the website has taken the bulk of any time I’ve had for blogging this month, but I thought this post was still worth writing. Although I often think that I’m doing enough art-wise, and often beat myself up about it, this is mostly because I’m comparing myself to people who aren’t… Continue Reading

Meetup | January Goals

Mary has been hard at work behind the scenes on finishing up my new web design. We are also migrating my sites to new web hosting, so at some point I needed to stop putting new posts on the site on old hosting so we don’t have to worry about migrating it too, this the… Continue Reading

December Goals Check-in

I’m a couple days early but I’m a wee bit nervous about getting things done because last week, while doing a private fund-raising show, I received orders for 8 Christmas stockings…hooray and YIKES! That’s a lot to add to my before Christmas to-do list, so I thought I’d write this post to help me sort… Continue Reading

Meetup | December Goals

No matter how much I expect it, December always hits me like a ton of bricks! All the end of the semester stuff I do at the day job with my students, Logan has a ton of school work to do, aiyiyiyi! So much to do with so little time it seems! Add to that… Continue Reading

Meetup | November Goals

As expected, my trip to Nashville, and all the work I had to do leading up to being gone and then recovering from being gone really cut into my creative time this month! November Goals Update Online Shop November 1 80% Prep for RAA Presentation November 29 0% Top Off Silk Scarf Stocks December 1 50% Dye more… Continue Reading

October Goals Check-in

Well, my goodness, I really did get everything made for my show last weekend! It was a great feeling to have a really full booth, and luckily I had so many sales that I’ve now got a lot of dyeing and stitching to do for the upcoming holiday season! October Goals Christmas Ornaments October 15 100%… Continue Reading