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4 | Piecing Continues on my Wonky Tree Quilt

This week was pretty busy with mid-terms before Spring Break, but I got a bit of piecing done over the week, and then lots of progress on Saturday! My plan is to have 3 large pieces, the rows across the top, and then two rectangles down below, that I’ll quilt using my Quilt as You Go with No Sashing technique. So I started in the upper left corner (of the lower left section):

As I’m piecing, i sometimes need a tree of a particular size/color so I make a new one, here I’m figuring out the size of a grey tree:

Here’s the second section finished!

Here’s the lower right section half pieced:

As I work towards the end, I needed to make 3 more trees:

But I’m also considering adding a cabin in the woods instead!

What do you think?

2 | Progress on my Wonky Tree Quilt

My Wonky Tree Quilt is progressing quite nicely! I’ve been having fun sharing my progress in real time on Facebook and Instagram with quick cell phone shots. These are sometimes a bit blurry, and the color looks wonky as the lighting changes drastically throughout the day in there, but the pictures are still useful! After making… Continue Reading