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Something New | Indigo Dyed Going Green Totes

Last week before my open studio I decided to dye some canvas tote blanks I get from Dharma Trading with indigo, I’m quite happy with how they turned out! And so were the open studio visitors, I sold a bunch. I literally was ironing them at 10:30 for the 11:00 start of the open studio. The ones I didn’t sell I was able to take pictures of!
dot com} what number you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, easy peasy!

November Goals

Wow, October has FLOWN by! I actually got most of the Everyday Art I wanted to get made for my next show completed. Speaking of my next show, Red Dirt Art Festival is tomorrow, details can be found here.   Here are my October goals, as usual, working on some longer term projects ended up being pushed… Continue Reading

Show Prep | Going Green Totes

  One of the things I finished for my upcoming shows is some more Going Green Totes. These are ready made cotton canvas totes I buy, dye and embellish with my “Free Motion Machine Sketching”. There’s not much profit in these, so I never get them listed for sale on my website, but if you’d… Continue Reading

Last Minute Prep

It seems like no matter what, I’m always squeezing a bunch of finishing touches right before a show…and most of the time, it’s finishing a bunch of my Going Green tote bags. I dye pre-made blanks and then add a colorful patch of my hand dyed fabric and “Free Motion Machine Sketch” one of my… Continue Reading

Starting a busy week

Spring break is over, and with a couple of deadlines looming overhead, I put the pedal to the metal this weekend and pumped out a lot of stuff. I’ve got 3 new pieces of actual art made just in time to submit for jurying – fingers crossed the pictures on the chip came out. But… Continue Reading

Almost Time to Celebrate

Yup, I’m down to 5 classes to teach, and the last show of the season I do is this weekend, a Holiday Boutique at the Redlands YMCA (S/S 9-4). I’m not bringing the “full monty” setup as I’m inside with a table, rather than outside in an EZ-UP, so it should be a much easier… Continue Reading

7 Days and Counting

My biggest show of the year, Art for Heaven’s Sake, starts one week from tonight. It’s a show I’m proud to take part in as 20% of all that I sell goes to the church, for local as well as farther afield use in doing good (hurricane relief, etc…). Any old who, I’m pretty sure… Continue Reading